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Friday, 2 March 2012

Cockell, 5 MPG Bentleys and Climate Change

The Dame has just received this missive from a unit within RBKC. She had no idea the unit existed and it's existence should now be the stuff of serious debate. It is not the role of the Council to gather unto itself yet more responsibilities best left to other climate change agencies. We are seeing front line services demolished, yet this non essential service survives and flourishes. The Dame has noticed the letter comes the Climate Change Programme Officer working in the Rotten Borough's Climate Change Programme Office and who, one assumes, reports to a Senior Climate Change Director, who is assisted by a number of Climate Change Programme Managers. Liason Officers and Support Executives, advised by an Climate Change Programme Consultant, instructed by a Climate Change Programme Training Co-ordinator and overseeen by a Climate Change Programme
Inspector, monitored by..... The Dame has to stop:she has come over all dizzy.

Leading by example is what residents need to see. The purchase of the 5 MPG £115,000 Bentley and the running of gas guzzling Jaguar tells us all we need to know about the Leader's cynical view of 'saving the planet'. It is a sort of 'do as I say: not as I do.
It might also help if the Town Hall stopped leaving lights on until late evening. We know that no one works there much after 6.00pm. 

As the ghastly ex mayor Phelps was prone to say....'you could not make it up'
The Rotten Borough style of 'planet saving'

Dear Residents’ Association

The Council is holding a Climate Change Event to coincide with Climate Week (12 March to 18 March 2012). The event will take place in the car park of Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury’s on Thursday 15 March 2012, from 10:00am until 4.00pm

The event aims to showcase practical ways people can combat climate change by reducing their carbon footprints through improving the energy efficiency of their homes.   

We will be providing a range of tips and advice on how to reduce your energy consumption and save money and will be showing the simple gadgets available to help.  There will also be a prize draw with some energy saving gadgets, as well as other goodies. 

We are keen to encourage as many residents to attend the event as possible and we would like your help to promote the event to local residents.  I have attached a poster for the event which we hope you will be able to display or distribute. 

If you would like to find out more about the event, or request some leaflets or posters please contact me via email on xxxxx or phone me directly on xxxxxx

Yours faithfully


  1. I would like to know how much this Unit costs

  2. What on earth is the Council spending money on this stuff for? It is not the responsibility of local councils.

    Too many councillors with too much money to spend (our council tax) and not enough to do.

    Time to get of the money waster, Cllr Cockell

  3. Only a Bentley is fitting for the service of the Mayor in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

    Do you think he should drive himself in a Ford Fiesta? Hardly dignified for his position.

  4. I thought the Dame had banned you. You give our council and councillors a terrible reputation. How dare you

  5. I asked, should the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, in Olympic year and the 60th Jubilee year of Her Majesty the Queen's Corononation, drive himself in a Ford Fiesta?

    It's a simple question.

  6. Up Yours
    you are seriously embarrassing us,your Conservative councillor colleagues. We suspect we know your identity and beg you to stop these continual comments. Even the Leader is getting nervous.

  7. Up Yours. Please, please stop.

    Our reputation is damaged enough. What little is left you are destroying.

  8. Do you think the reputation of the Council would be enhaced by the prospect of the Mayor driving a Ford Fiesta? Do you?

    You still haven't answered this simple question.

    It is Hornet casuing the degradation of the Council's reputation by constant sniping at senior councillors who are doing an excellent job.

  9. Up Yours

    The Provost of Aberdeen is driven around in a stretched Skoda. People who like to be driven around in Bentleys often do so because they an external sigh of their perceived importance. Frankly, residents could not care if the Mayor went around in a horse and cart.
    I really think you should stop posting: as has been said before you are exposing your colleagues to ridicule

  10. I suppose Up Yours you think only titled people should sit on the Council.

  11. Up Yours doesn't think only titled people should sit in the Council Chamber. He doesn't like Lady Borwick and he loathes Lady Dent Coad - and he himself is only the great grandson of someone titled.

  12. It is less to do with titles and more to do with true class and first-class eduction.

    Before making yet more whining and negative comments perhaps posters should have a good look in the mirror? Those with class and education behind them are bred to lead.

    Our front bench proves it, just count the Old Etonians, they have got there with good reason.

  13. For heaven's sake Up Yours, it's not what you're born with (or what your parents buy you), it's what you do with it that counts.

    And yes, the make-up of the front bench speaks volumes, but not in the way you think.

  14. Up Yours..everybody knows your identity. Your IP address has been checked and we know you are none other than Cllr Palmer. It is high time that Cllr Buckmaster, as a senior Association member and veteran councillor took you to one side and warned you that your behaviour is bringing the entire Conservative Group into disrepute. Your last comment about Eton and class runs 100% counter to the views of the Prime Minister

  15. Up Yours. The Leader of K&C has no education. I think you have proved your point.

  16. Dear Up Yours,

    Shall we put the word around St Charles ward that you think that being an Old Etonian equals fitness for the front bench? I'm sure that will get you loads of votes.

    What on earth is your pitch when you canvass? Vote Tory so that "your betters" can be in charge of things? Your world view really is shocking to those of us who believe that advancement to any sort of managerial role should be based on things like experience, skills, intelligence and hard work.


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