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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Councillors Posting Anoymously

The Dame has been at constant pains to point out that she is a apolitical old party animal. Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem....any of you can post...BUT no filth or vulgarity please!
She particularly enjoys participation by our councillors and has noticed some already doing so under their own names.
However, she is just a little perturbed to see one councillor posting under the pseudonym, Up Yours.
From the most recent comments it would appear that Up Yours is none other than Councillor Matthew Palmer.

UP YOURS* aka Cllr Palmer
Now the Dame understands that Leader Cockell has banned his colleagues from using her little 'talking shop': a shame and an affront to freedom of speech, but the Dame well understands they live in fear of the 'little fella' so recommends that when councillors contribute anonymously they put a little * by their atavar. For example, Matthew, you would sign off Up Yours*. In that way we can see that we are getting the full gamut of comment.


  1. i wonder why he posted such rubbish for so long under Up Yours. Well done Dame for outing him

  2. Up Yours Forever11 March 2012 at 08:04

    The whole point of posting anonymously is that people don't know who you are. I am a concerned resident of North Kensington, and that's all that matters.

    Surely that is not beyond the understanding of teh simpletons who read this blog?

    When you give your identity I will give mine. Or is that too much of a stretch for you Peter Malman?

  3. you forgot to put your red * Cllr Palmer!

  4. Up Yours
    You promised when the Dame gave her identity you would give yours...
    so yes, I am Peter Malman now lets have yours.....

  5. Peter Malman, you are a crook and a meddler. You used to be a Conservative, why are you attacking Conservative values?

    Perhaps you should go back to Australia!

  6. Good grief, is the Hornet really unmasked?

    Who is Peter Malman? I mean, who are you?

  7. I see Roundell has complied with the Dame's request and put a little* by pseudonym 'Roundell'. Could this Roundell be any relation to Cllr Matthew Roundell Palmer??

  8. Peter Malman is the original bad penny, wasn't he involved in some scandal? Can't remember, it's a name from the dim distant - and possibly dubious - past.

    I hope you won't censor this Hornet, or whoever you are.

    How do you make the asterisk red?

  9. If you are peter Malman, meet me in Carluccio's in Campden Hill Road on Monday 12th at 11am, and we will see who you really are.

  10. * Roundell

    The Dame has instructed me to say she/he never meets very, very strange men like you alone. So the answer is a 'no'
    The Dame's Head of Personal Security

  11. Lord Selbourne*11 March 2012 at 11:37

    Will you come and meet us if I bring Cllrs. Blakeman and Dent Coad as my chaperones?

  12. No Lord Selbourne...Her Dameship needs bouncer type protection. Could you ask Cllr Moylan? He is thuggish enough to do the job

  13. Up Yours Forever11 March 2012 at 12:52

    I knew you would withdraw, what a coward. You should stand by your principles.

  14. North Kensington Former Tory11 March 2012 at 14:43

    It looks as if Up Yours Roundell and all his other silly names just wants to make absolutely sure that we don't re-elect Councillor Palmer. We will certainly make sure his efforts do not go unanswered.

  15. Up Yours Forever said...

    I knew you would withdraw, what a coward. You should stand by your principles.

    One important principle, Up Yours, is to pay for your Australian telephone calls. I am sure that is not lost on you!!

  16. Would Peter Malman and the Hornet and 'Lord Selbourne' (I don't think!) like to meet me discretely in the Town Hall? I could book a private committee room for the purpose.

    NOT Blakeman and certainly not Dent Toad however, this is nothing to do with them.

  17. Roundell
    You have already been in trouble with the Standards Committee for abuse of council facilities(
    Obviously, the lesson has not been learnt. Your proposed meeting is a private one: you have no business booking meeting rooms in this way.

  18. Matthew Palmer. Everyone knows that it is you posting these stupid blogs. There are just so many clues. You are doing exactly what the Hornet wants, giving her the oxygen of publicity. I think you should go and take a cold bath and unplug your keyboard.

  19. 21.24, that is most unkind. I think MP should unplug things BEFORE he gets into the bath.

    Tut tut.

  20. Are the people commenting here local politicians? Incredible! They sound like childish little bitches.

    One of the few remaining voters in RBKC.

  21. 17:42
    Yes they are Moylan and Palmer...your councillors!!

  22. Every voter in RBKC should read the hateful rubbish between people who are paid to represent local people.

    I'd usually be happy to use my real identity but frankly it seems you'd be hunting me down to teach me a lesson if I did. You're disgraceful.

  23. I love this blog!
    Will send the link to the whole of my contacts.
    Keep up the fabulous work, Dame - what a great read.

  24. 16:32
    Sunlight is the best disinfectant. And the Dame provides it in spades :)

  25. I have spoken to Cllr Palmer about his blogging and frankly I can see his point. As he says, he is the only councillor prepared to combat the propaganda put out by this site. I did tell him he should blog under his own name. Let's see if he takes my advice.
    St Charles Stalwart

    1. St Charles Stalwart. Of course Palmer is entitled to blog and in his own name or annonymously. It is just that he has turned himself into a complete laughing stock and is damaging the institutions he claims he is trying to protect. He really should stop before he causes irreparable harm to the people he claims to represent.


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