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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Dame Accused Of Inebriation By Cllr Brun-Nez

Taking time out from a hectic shopping day the Dame popped in to hear what our wannabe MP's are chattering about. It was just a little odd with people jumping up and down making what they thought were Churchillian style speeches. Oh well, innocent enough one supposes: a bit like a school debating society. Cllr Palmer caught her eye and forward thought the Dame: she has only met him twice! What an odd fellow he is...even his colleagues seemed embarrassed by his weird behaviour. The subject of the Bentley came up. Could it really be true that the Bentley is now worth just £35,000? If correct, it means running costs are around £70,000 a year, (with driver)- the same as it's main user, soon to be 'Lord' Pootin Cockell. Obviously, the Dame's innocent scribblings are well read by councillors, but the Dame was quite upset to hear opera buff-oon, Cllr Brun-Nez complain that the Dame drank a couple of bottles of Chateau Palmer before settling down to her  morning jottings. He must have been confusing the Dame with one of his colleagues, generally thought to have problems of excessive imbibing? The little pic below gives a hint as to who that fine fellow of a man(?) could be....
More than a 'drop taken'?


  1. Hornet "themes" are now mainstream in council debates. Congratulations to the Dame.

    Tory councillors are forbidden to read, to see, to blog, or to talk about the Hornet. But it was clear from last night's Council debate that many Conservative councillors are having "vivid dreams"

  2. Congratulations to Cllr Mosley on his Maiden Speech. Well judged and well delivered. Great mix of humility, reverence and engagingly judged words

  3. What an unfortunate buffoon Cllr Palmer is. His interjections at the council meeting last night were clearly lap dog stuff for the Leader.

    In person, the chamber has a real live Billy Bunter.

    Won't go far.

  4. Amused Resident8 March 2012 at 11:13

    Cllr Gardiner was having a bad night. Spilled her water everywhere and had to summon council staff to bring mops to her desk. She spent the whole of one debate mopping up. Adjacent colleagues were polite enough not to notice.

    Must be more careful

  5. What a swanky dresser Cllr Buxton is!

    Freud would classify her as the "power councillor"

    But she needs to admit responsibility for Chelsea Care

  6. Kensington Resident8 March 2012 at 11:44

    Cllr Campbell is "feeling her way" into Cllr Ritchie's shoes.

    Needs watching carefully. A huge Departmental budget which requires plenty of intellectual rigour - something that the Cllr has been hiding under a bushel

  7. Cllr Read needs to be put under the microscope by the Dame and given exposure. A powerful presence, good on his feet and knows how to go for the jugular. Front bench colleagues are no doubt a little frightened of him - because he might replace them in a flash.

    Maybe over confident because of the weakness of Labour opposition. Several times during his speeches last night, the Dame relished the obvious ways in which she could have demolished the arguments of the member for Earls Court

    Business in progress

  8. The Dame's Reporter8 March 2012 at 13:19

    The Dame's reporter was obviously thinking "Leadership" at the council meeting - a major topic on the Hornet

    Council meetings are a good opportunity to see all the actors "on show". Cllr Cockell's behavior showed that he has no plans of departing anywhere soon (the Dame's view of this is well known and more to follow).

    Of the rest, Cllr Ahern looks more the part than Cllr Coleridge. And these things are important.

    Cllr Lightfoot gives as good as he gets when on his feet and knows his brief. But it has to be an indescribable lack of judgement to rope Cllr Palmer into his campaign. If this is false information, the Dame would appreciate confirmation by return of blog.

    Cllr Fielding-Mellen is the new boy at the top table and needs more time. He looks young and sounds young. But the way he sat, the way he composed himself, the way he contributed showed beyond doubt that he is proud to be there. Good on him.

    Cllr Paget-Brown seems to have withdrawn his ambition (was it ever there?). So no further comment.

    Cllr Buxton is a dark horse. She obviously fancies herself but the Dame has heard no discrete briefing that "I am interested". A person to watch and bear in mind that her judgement was deeply flawed with Chelsea Care - which she still needs to own up to.

  9. Rock FM is unqualified and does not respect residents. The future in his hand would be a disaster.

  10. Rock may grow up. Give him time.

  11. Democratic Deficit8 March 2012 at 14:11

    The two Labour ladies (Cllrs Balakeman and EDC) do a great job holding the Tories to account. But they are up against a brick wall. The Town Hall is a closed Club that the Conservatives are determined to keep to themselves.

    It is a pity that K&C Labour never embraced New Labour because they would have more councillors, more power, and a different rhetoric. More horsepower to take on a Group that has become corrupted by power and self indulgent.

    A few more Todd Foreman's on the Labour benches? Now that would be fun.......

  12. Kensington non-Tory8 March 2012 at 14:47

    Dear Scribe,

    Cllr Read's contributions are typically VERY right wing, and last night was no exception. Even in a Council dominated by Tories, his ideological nature stands out.

  13. Cllr Read sounded like a climate change denier, Tea Party anyone?

    And Cllr E Campbell should be called 'Dotty', her contributions are always bonkers. She quoted“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” quoting scripture (Matthew 6:21), a dangerous things to do, especially when you consider the verse before: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.” – perhaps she was on about the reserves and how they should be spent!

    It was a shame the Tories had been told not to say ANYTHING unless previously vetted, it made for a quite boring meeting (apart from the Labour ladies) until Foreman antagonised Moylan - what an idiot Moylan is showing himself up like that!

    The Motion on a blog was a waste of time, poor Nick also made a poor spectacle. And Merrick looked down in the dumps all evening. What was going on there?

  14. Cllr Buxton was dressed just like Dame Judy Dench in her old production of Joan of Arc at the Nottingham Playhouse (1968). Dame Judy played Joan

    Needs to be more subtle with her subconscious messages

  15. The ability to relax and take time out at long and often boring meetings is important. Cllr Mosley removes his shoes and rubs his feet. Cllr Marshall plays with his iPAd. Cllr Palmer looks at family photos on his PC

    Admirable examples of stress management

  16. The Liberal group is an enigma. Three bewildered figures huddled at the back of the chamber. Very occasionally one of them squeaks.

    They should liven up and throw a few grenades. Pick a single issue and go after it. Might surprise themselves.

  17. Now that Cllr Moylan has resigned from the Cabinet and shuffled off to the end of the front row, he cuts a curiously isolated and detached figure. Still capable of making plenty of noise and in love with his perorations, he nevertheless had to withdraw from discussion of the single most important strategic issue facing the Borough. Kensal Station. Conflict of interest with TFL.

    Problem is, if he is humiliated, Kensal is dead

  18. Kensal Station is a critical strategy for North Kensington. It is one of those priorities that requires all party support, but Cllr Cockell's lack of Leadership ability means that he has been unable to carry the chamber, and others, with him.

    He should be leading a charge of full blooded war cries. The idea is not enough. He needs to pass the mantle to someone who can lead.

  19. Whatever was wrong with Cockell last night? He seemed bored, sulky and uninterested.

    He has always been a boring speaker but he wasn't even trying last night. He's asking for trouble if he doesn't snap out of it.

  20. Cockell ran an orchestrated meeting and everyone came in on agreed cue to try and ridicule Labour.

    All except Cllr Weatherhead who unwisely made an unscripted intervention about internet access. It has become clear that it is time for another free gift to Rebecca Brook

  21. The dog looks like an Irish bitch....

  22. These comments are enlightening, but would be even more entertaining if one had attended the Council meeting referred to. The Dame's many admirers would greatly appreciate advance notice of certain of the more promising events. Then we will see for ourselves how our elected comport themselves in debate.

  23. 16.14, the times and dates Council meetings are publicised well in advance. The meetings are of course open to the public, and I think it would be a great idea for the Dame to promote attendance of the meetings on her site.

    The next meeting of the full Council is on 18 April. Now let's pack the galleries!


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