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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Goldman Sachs and The Rotten Borough

You might all think, "What on earth is the silly old  Dame doing introducing Greg Smith of Goldman Sachs into the affairs of the Rotten Borough?"
Well, the answer lies in the 'Rotten' bit. Smith was the senior Goldman Sachs director who resigned over what he claimed was the toxic culture of Goldmans. He lambasted the Bank's working culture as 'toxic and destructive'.
Goldman's fightback was pathetic and embarrassing, but around the world he is getting massive support.
Of course, they knew Smith was spot on....

Smith...Standing Up For What Is Right
There is an interesting parallel between Smith's courageous action and the inaction of Rotten Borough councillors.
Our councillors KNOW that under Cockell and Moylan(sub rosa) democracy has been demolished, yet for some reason they are like terrified sheep- unable to summon up the courage to take Cockell to one side and say, " we don't like the way you are running this council. And we don't like the fact that a local blog like the Hornet is now so popular that it will soon boast 100,000 unique visitors."

One has to hand it to Pootin Cockell....his adept management of Special Responsibility Allowances has allowed him to grip power as tenaciously as his near namesake Putin. But, in doing so, great damage is being caused to this Borough. Yes, historically, residents have voted Conservative-as if on auto-pilot, but low turnouts and lost seats demonstrate a depth of dissatisfaction rare in a True Blue borough.

Councillors should be inspired by Greg Smith: they need to stand up and say loudly, "Cllr Cockell, it is high time you moved on"


  1. If Goldman Sachs is the slimy "vampire Squid" of banking; then the Rotten Borough is perhaps the gorged "Dragon Vulture" of local government. Others may wish to provide more accurate epithets. The choice seems endless.

  2. In private, many Conservative councillors are scathing about the current Leadership in K&C. But they are all too frightened or lazy or greedy (maybe all three) to do anything about it.

    Another body of opinion that is critical of Cllr Cockell is the Ward Chairmen. Many of them think that the conduct of the Town Hall is a joke but they have no idea how to bring about change. And they are not motivated to do anything because they get on with their privileged lives and don't want any inconvenience.

    Cllr Cockell, of course, has figured all of this out and therefore carries on with his self interested "grab what I can" crusade.

    The man should be deeply ashamed of himself. He is perhaps the worst example of personal excess and greed in British local Government. And his residents are "muppets".

  3. The House That Cockell Built is every bit as toxic as the Goldman Sachs culture.

    They p**s all over their muppets. Cockell craps all over the poor and destitute.

  4. The K&C poodle pen is a sad example of the greed and ego of one man

  5. Residents are muppets and fellow councillors are poodles

    Describes precisely how Cllr Cockell views the world

  6. Fly On The Wall16 March 2012 at 10:05

    The expose of Goldman Sachs describes in graphic terms what happens when a "bad egg" gets to the top in an organisation. The current Chairman was "voted in" by his partners and of course they can vote him out. But they don't. Why? Because the bad behaviour, greed, ego and self serving become institutionalized

    But the kind of press exposure that they are getting will bring them down. The court of public opinion.

    Just what the Hornet is doing to expose the rotten culture in Hornton Street and the "bad egg" Leader now in his 14th year of ego tripping.

  7. What an opportunity for a No Confidence campaign! Are those lucky enough to have a spine with me?

    Mobile: 07799647160

  8. 10.05. 2 weeks ago someone said the Leader was about to start his 15th year in charge. You think he's in his 14th

    He may well have served too long. But he became Leader in April 2000. Even Inspector Closeau can probably count to 12

    The posters on here do themselves no favours by just inventing the number of years that the Leader has been in charge for.

    Why stop at 14?

  9. The posters on here are not here to to do themselves favours: they are here to point out their concern about a leader they are fed to the back teeth with. If you don't get that that you are as dumb as Cockell. Who gives a damn whether he is on his 13th of 15th year...7 years would have been too bloody long.

  10. There has been a virulent outbreak of the "cockamoyli" virus in Kensington and Chelsea which turns residents into muppets and councillors into poodles. The carriers have been identified as Cllr Cockell and Cllr Moylan.

    Moylan has been placed in isolation (the TFL) but Cllr Cockell is still on the loose, coughing, sneezing, spitting and crapping all over the Borough.

    Supplies of the antibiotic, Democracy, are urgently required but for the time being the supply chain has dried up. In the meantime residents hope for an Act of God (eg Cockell falling under a bus) to deliver the Royal Borough from the current affliction

  11. 00.09, would you be prepared to accept that 2012 is the 13th year of Cllr Cockell's fiefdom?

    And would you be prepared to acknowledge that a good benchmark is a maximum of 8 yrs in Office (vida the American Presidency)

    And would you be prepared to accept that power corrupts absolutely? (cf Lord Acton)

    And would you be prepared to accept that Democracy has broken down in K&C? (30% vote and there has been no change of power for more than 50 years)

    Are you prepared to reveal yourself and reply to this post?

  12. Frankly, 21.45, it feels like a lifetime


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