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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Triborough Threat-Tears Before Bedtime?

 The Dame hears the political balance within Westminster City Council may tilt in another direction at the next elections. It appears that Labour may gain a few more seats, but as importantly, there could be a rash of wins by independent or resident facing candidates. All thanks to the idiocies of Cllrs Barrow Boy and Boy Rowley.

She appeals to Political Strategist to advise on how this might impact on our Triborough arrangement. Even more pessimistically, if Labour manage to do better in H&F there could well be Tears Before Bedtime....


  1. A Ward Councillor announced in the last Campden Hill Residents News Letter that the Triborough is the first step towards amalgamating the three Boroughs into a "single Borough". ie one Mayor, one Bentley, one Leader , one CEO and one Cabinet.

    He said that this is the way that things are moving.

    It would be nice if residents were consulted about this kind of thing. And it would also be nice if the transition arrangements were handled by an all party committee.

  2. The sooner that Labour step up their seats in Westminster and K&C the better. We might see some active opposition and a return to Democracy.

  3. Scribe is correct. At present, Labour Councillors just wring their hands and bleat that there is nothing that they can do to oppose Pootin. Quite pathetic really!

  4. What could Labour do in the face of bland and habitual Tory voters? Where there's a chink in the blue, they get voted in and 4 Labour councillors seem to have the entirety of the others on the run.

    Did you know that EDC is singlehandedly responsible if Crossrail doesn't go ahead? Mighty indeed!

  5. Goodness Anonymous 17.47, you are giving me ideas 'outwith my pay scale', as some officers would put it.

    We all want the regeneration benefits a station could bring, of course we do. There are however various unanswered questions and obstacles, and we need to work together cross-party to tackle them. We are putting forward a plan to do this as soon as possible.

  6. Triborough will of course make it much more difficult to focus on Golborne Ward - Westminster and Hammersmith will have other priorities and Cllr Cockell was never interested.. No kudos for him there since VIPs don't do Golborne

  7. And Cllr Moylon (son of Birmingham bus driver) famously told a public meeting in N Kensington that they are "rabble"

  8. Moylan is a class traitor!

  9. Moylan also very publicly said Golborne was a 'Dungheap', and Rock FM said it was 'a concrete ghetto full of fear and paranoia'. Lightfoot said Golborne was 'like East Berlin with its concrete buildings'.

    Interestingly, all the social housing is BRICK, which says a lot about how much research Cllrs do.

    That was a coupla years ago, of course RFM treasures it now, as Civic Society rep.



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