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Monday, 5 March 2012

RBKC wants a "Vendor Neutral Managed Service?????"

Rock None of this... Please
By law, the Rotten Borough has to publish key decisions: a good idea we would all agree...particularly if we can catch certain councillors fiddling ex's.....
However, when those key decisions are published in a way as to be incomprehensible to all but psychics, one wonders if those responsible are not just havin' a larf at our expense.
Take the extract below....
It makes not one iota of sense. Were a business to put out such rubbish heads would roll.
Come on Rock...this has gone out under your imprimatur. We know you are not stupid, so take the clown who drafted this to one side and tell them never to embarrass you in this way again!

Vendor Neutral Managed Service for
Agency Staff
Ref: 03580/11/C/A
To review the vendor neutral agency staff
contract with Comensura.
This report will have a Part B apppendix
Not before
08 Sep 11
Cabinet Member for Civil Society
Cllr Rock Feilding-Mellen No external consultation No
♦ Cabinet and Corporate
Services Scrutiny


  1. Is it some sort of soft drinks vending machine?

  2. This is what happens...they speak their own language that no one understands but makes them feel important and apparently intelligent.

    But it all to often transpires that the drivel is COMPLETELY meaningless if anyone bothered to question it. The problem is no one does for fear of appearing stupid.

    Worryingly this is exactly how taxpayers money gets spent on nonsense like exhibitionist road, elephants tin or otherwise, acrobats, opera, origami buildings for over rated designers, academies, swimming pools, heffalumps..the lot!

    On the other hand I wonder whether the author attended one of Palmers courses and is having a laugh.


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