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Friday, 23 March 2012

Be Careful What You Don't Wish For

Will He: Won't He.
There are jitters amongst our impotent RBK&C backbench cllrs as they scurry around trying to garner every last vote for Boris. Is it because they think him a great Mayor? Or could their pavement pounding be out of self interest and more domestically orientated...
The Dame believes she has the answer. Her personal political strategist tells the Dame that the knife edge polls shows London voters have not been convinced by Boris's performance as Mayor. After four years he really should be leaps and bounds ahead. Which brings us back to the implications for our own Borough IF Boris cocks it up.

The 'elephant in the room' is none other that our old friend and £133,000 pa ( with his RBKC allowance) deputy chairman of Tfl.

Leader in Waiting?
Danny 'Boys' Moylan's fortunes-political and financial, are inextricably linked to those of Boris: if Boris goes, so does 'Boys'. What to do?

One theory causing massive concern is that he will begin to raise his  game at the Rotten Borough. Maybe he will mount a leadership challenge; after all 'Boy's, who is certainly very sharp, holds our Prime Minister, Pootin Cockell in great contempt.
For Cllr Moylan, being thick is one of the great sins.

Anyway, if backbenchers think they are powerless now, they would do well to dwell on how much less power they would have were Danny 'Boys' in charge
Councillor Moylan will be needing the  big job and it's allowance. You have been warned!


  1. One hesitates to correct the Dame, but far from Moylan holding only Pooter in contempt, he holds the entire human race in open contempt. This disdain is returned by all those with the misfortune to have met the rudest man in London.

    By repute he is very clever. However, even in our flawed democracy, for a candidate to be so universally disliked may be unhelpful. Let's all get out there and wave the flag for Boris!

  2. good point...a bully and a man with an interesting pre-council history eh Danny
    An old ex diplomat

  3. It is well known that Pooter and Moylan hate each other. Pooter never forgets that he only won the Leadership against Moylan by the Chairman's casting vote. And Moylan never forgets that he lost to Pooter by the Chairman's casting vote.

    If Pooter was clever he would step aside in May and let in someone while Danny is busy with his SRA at TFL. If he waits another year there is a high chance that Moylan will be circling the block.

  4. It must be said that Moylan is head and shoulders above the very average line up of declared candidates for the K&C Leadership.

    The Chairman of the Conservatives is a fervent Moylan fan.

  5. Actually one councillor changed sides in the election. Councillor Campion?

  6. Fly On The Wall24 March 2012 at 07:41

    Cllr Campion always has had a shady side to him. The way he creeps around....

    And he does work on the side for Cllr Cockell. IT work. Web site for Pooter. Little favours always deserve little rewards

  7. Talk about UGLY...Moylan looks like a Chicago thug..not so K&C!!


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