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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cockell Blogs on the Hornet-A First!

The Dame is proud to announce that PM Cockell has at last opined in the Hornet. How does the Dame know? Well, at the Cabinet meeting to discuss Holland Park Opera Prime Minister Cockell, with great grandiloquence, described our little opera in the Park as the Great Glory of London. It is in the minutes and only one member of the public was present. So the Dame used her deductive powers when she read the comment posted this evening from 20:53. 20:53 is none other than Merrick Cockell. Unless, of course, the Dame is wrong and it is another member of the Cabinet present and gracing us with his/her observations. Never underestimate the Dame......

The Detective Dame
"Anonymous said...
The Hornet and a few philistine residents have been campaigning against the opera of Holland Park, which is the Great Glory Of London.

Ignorant people. It brings prestige to our Borough"
24 March 2012 20:53


  1. So only "philistines" believe that residents' funds should be "wasted" on such frivolities as social housing, services for children, the elderly and disabled.

    The proper use of public money is to subsidise third rate opera, Exhibitionist Road, well as the Bentley & New York lunches etc. Someone once commented on the Hornet that RBKC has the feel of pre-Revolutionary France.

  2. and don't forget piggy $400 dinners for two with crooks like Ian Clement.
    Oh and of course, Pooter £130,000 a year allowance.
    What a vulgar little man is Cockell.

  3. Interesting bit of deduction Dame - you could be right!

    The old plodder Pooter keeping a wary eye on his behind

  4. Why doesn't Cllr Cockell come out all guns blazing? Tell it like it is on the Hornet.

    Maybe put the Dame down a peg or two

  5. The Dame has upstaged Inspector Palmer

  6. 10.09
    Re pre-revolutionary France
    More direct action is needed against the Pootin regime.
    Hornet is the real power in the Rotten Borough now.
    People get ready...........attend the Public Gallery at the next Council Meeting on Wednesday 18th April.


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