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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dame Elephant

Pootin Cockell has barred Conservative councillors reading, or even mentioning the harmless old Dame and her Nest. An odd tactic: most Brits resent being told what they can or cannot read. One assumes it's the German in Pootin lying behind this non British diktat: Germans, are of course,  much more likely to follow orders and do as they are told. Anyway, the Dame is resigned to the fact that she will always be the 'elephant in the room'.
Here is a picture of  Dame Elephant with her trunk over Pootin...listening in!

The Dame, disguised as an elephant, advising Cllr Cockell


  1. And at the Council meeting last night, Cllr. Paget-Brown tried to ban Cllr. Emma Dent Coad from posing controversial questions on her personal blog. Rumour has it that Inspector Clouseau has now been told to scour every page of her blog for more damning evidence of the exercise of free speech. Pathetic, or what?

  2. One is aware of the care The Hornet takes over her stories. This beggars belief. It seems a local councillor has so far forgotten himself as to think himself entitled to attempt to restrict the right of free expression of a citizen of the United Kingdom. Beside this, tales of New York lunches & tin elephants pale into insignificance. If these allegations are substantiated, Cllr Paget-Brown must surely consider his position.

  3. Dear Dame Hornet,

    I could never hope to reach the dizzy heights of popularity of fromthehornetsnest. The humble has had a measly 10,000 page-views in two years, and many of them may be me deleting messages from lonely Russian women looking for pen-friends.

    However, in the past week I have had 200 visits, so Blow Fly may be correct.

    While somewhat constrained by NOT being anonymous, I will continue to ask questions, both within Council and on my personal blog, where they have been regularly asked but 'answer came there none'.

    This may occasionally involve a bit of teasing and 'donkey ear' treatment, but done not with cruelty but with affection, and only where truly deserved.

    This may be Lent, and me from a Holy Roman background, but I have no intention of whipping myself or submitting for punishment by the former Conservative Whip.

    Asking questions is neither a sin nor a crime against civil or Council rules. It is part of the job.

  4. I wish Cllr Paget-Brown would give Cllr Moylan a damned good whipping!

  5. Indeed 09.23, Moylan behaved disgracefully and no one could stop him.

    The Mayor just watched. Not good enough.

  6. And people say Moylan would be a good leader. The chap is coarse and just has no idea of how to behave. I know he sneers at our English gentility but better that than Irish thuggery.

  7. 19.15, indeed, when riled we see the true Moylan, and it's most unappealing.

    Cllr Foreman did a good job of exposing him on Wednesday. Despite all his 'assumed' manners, he is a thug at heart.

  8. Moylan is indeed a thug and a bully who does not like poor people. Disgrace!


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