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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Coleridge Fulsomely Thanked By Grenfell Tower LA

The Dame was delighted to receive a copy of a letter sent to Cllr Tim Coleridge expressing fulsome praise for the help and encouragement Tim C had given tenants. 
Imagine such a letter of gratitude being sent to Cllr Moylan....
Well done , Tim Coleridge...that is the sort of proaction that is a credit to you and the Council

Dear Cllr Coleridge,
Thank you for your email dated 27th February 2012. Please accept on behalf of the GTLA, our heartfelt gratitude for your commitment you have shown for the community, it is quite exceptional.  NOW we have to make it a reality for Grenfell Tower because it’s an emergency and necessity.
The Chief Executive of the K&CTMO, Mr Robert Black, has indicated his sincere commitment to have strong working relationship with us and we very much welcome that.  The K&CTMO/other sub-agents have to build the trust of the residents of LWE. 
Also please accept my sincere apology for mistakenly sending the previous email to the councillors Dalton and I.Hanham, who have sadly passed away. I am sure they will be always remembered for their devotion to serve the community they loved.
With Best Wishes,
Mr Tunde Awoderu
The Vice Chairman
The Grenfell Tower Leaseholder’s Association


  1. A rare breed- a Conservative Councillor who actually listens to residents.
    If only more Councillors could demonstrate an equal standard of respect and integrity!

  2. Another good reason for Conservative councillors to back Coleridge

  3. While there is still a long way to go in reversing the "managed decline" of Grenfell Tower and the wider Lancaster West Estate, local stakeholders acknowledge the positive role played by Councillor Coleridge in trying to secure investment and, thereby, stop our Estate's further deterioration into a slum.

  4. This is why Tim C is a natural leader.
    He can communicate like a human being.
    The arriviste social climber Moylan would not have coped

  5. T Coleridge is a decent hard working person who cares for this community, unlike the greasy leader and his minions who are definitely on a slippery slope!

    As for TMO etc judge them by what they actually do.

  6. A word of caution. I fear that the gratitude expressed to Councillor Coleridge might be a trifle overstated, and a little premature. So far he has promised only to explore how the works needed at Grenfell Tower, and other parts of Lancaster West, might be funded. He has promised nothing concrete yet. The heating system at LW has been in urgent need of replacement for a number of years and the funding for this was previously refused, ostensibly on cost grounds.

    The replacemet of the windows, and the addition of cladding, at Grenfell Tower, are urgently needed (for soundproofing etc) because of the plan to build the new academy in the shadow of the tower. For reasons not yet explained, the planners did not included these works in the costings for the KALC project budget that were approved at last December’s cabinet.

    Let’s not canonise Councillor Colerige just yet. I would suggest that we wait and see how much money he actually comes up with and whether it is enough to mitigate the damage the Academy project will inflict on residential amenity in the Grenfell Tower area and beyond.

    I seem to recall that the Portobello Road project, recently featured on this blog, was refused planning permission because of the impact it would have on the residential amenity of the surrounding properties. I don’t suppose there is a snow flake’s chance in hell that the Academy project might be refused planning permission for the same reasons. Pigs might fly.

  7. 14:50
    Of course, you are absolutely right. Upon reflection the Dame was probably somewhat precipitate in giving Coleridge one of her famous hugs.
    Let us see whether handsome is as handsome does applies here

  8. It makes my blood boil to read this blog and think about the £1 million a year of council tax that is being used to subsidize Holland Park Opera. And the £5 million a year to replace perfectly good pavements.

    Enough said

  9. And don't forget the £30 million to import pink marble from China for Exhibition Road and £100 million to rebuild Holland Park School which was judged to be in the top quartile of school buildings by Building Schools For the Future.

    An out of touch council that is being run as the private fiefdom of Cllr Cockell

  10. Public sector = useless waste of money.


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