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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Teaching The Professor Humility.

By popular demand the Dame has been asked to put up one of the most unpopular members of the Rotten Borough; in fact she was nearly thwarted thinking she might not have space to list the very many qualifications the Prof so pompously lists: humility is not a cardinal virtue one associates with this man.
In fact, all his qualifications remind the Dame of her late and dear friend, FE Smith. After a rather large lunch the Attorney General popped into his Club for a brandy. He espied a very large admiral, laden with medals. Swaying up to the nervous looking sailor FE commented on the number of medals. 'Yes, Attorney General, if I get any more I won't know where to put them." "Well, you put them on your backside where you earned them."

MFH etc, etc, etc, etc......

He Should Have Gone To Burtons


  1. He certainly got up the noses of those on his Ward Association. Like the reference to Burtons. Is not his ultra snobbish wife grand daughter of the tailor?

  2. Cllr Coates is the rudest and most obnoxious person that it is possible to come across.

    It is difficult to fathom what process of selection could possibly introduce such a disastrous human being to public life. It was probably the fixation with his "Sir" that was so powerful in the Council 20 years ago. A collection of lower middle class aspirants using the Council as a jump stone to something they thought "grand".

    Mercifully, times have changed.

    Coates time has come too.

  3. Coutfield Resident1 March 2012 at 11:54

    Even Cllr Holt considers Cllr Coates to be a liability.

    And Holt rarely has an opinion about anything

  4. The Coates family were most middle class until they married above themselves into the aristocracy. Then Coates married the coatmaker's very snobbish granddaughter. Oh how tangled is aspirational snobbery in this land of ours

  5. He sounds like Pooter's kind of guy.

  6. Dame. I am sure he has more letters after his name than that. He really is a letter sort of a guy.

  7. Really, considering Coats step grandfather in law was a very good Lithuanian coats and jacketmaker, one would have thought the professor would have been, sartorially a little more elegantly dressed. Look at his Charlie Chaplin trousers!


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