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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cockell Being Careless with Care Site-You Have Been Warned!

The Dame nearly fell off her chair, spilling her early evening vermouth in the process....
She never imagined her friend Sir Pootin Cockell, our dear leader, had a sense of wrong she was...
Her 'hotline' to the Leader's penthouse office in the Town Hall tinkled urgently. Full of excitement she picked it up to hear Pootins' Churchillian tones, “ Dame, I have a new 'wheeze' in the care area”.
"Pooter," replied the Dame, your last little 'wheeze' with Chelsea Care cost us all a cool million. I would advise special care....but tell me all about it”
"Dame, this one is a terrific idea: I have to share it with you. Thanks to the useless Cllr 'Up Yours' Palmer, we dropped a packet on Chelsea Care, so this is what we plan”
In Stage 1 Pootin said he wanted to 'invest' £70,000, to develop a website providing Rotten Borough residents with comparable information on local care providers.
"If we get it right the Borough will be able to sell the idea around the world and we will make billions" boasted our fabled entrepreneur. The Dame saw many Virgin Upper Class moments coming on as Pooter travelled the world as a high tech salesman.
The Dame thought she should be helpful, "Pooter, there are thousands of companies selling products for the elderly. Why not get them to sponsor the site and save £70,000. They would love the exposure"
"Funny you say that, thinking exactly." replied our brilliant entrepreneur.....

Pootin Cockell IT Investor
The Dame felt a chill running down her spine...Pooter was about to play the Sillicon Vallley investor....where would it all end up? Very badly, she thought....
Then she realised that Pooter was pulling her elegantly turned leg....the decision was not to be taken before April 1. What an old fox he was..she was nearly taken in!


  1. Dear God NO. This is a joke, isn't it?

  2. No I have seen the papers....scary

  3. It's one thing to mess up, quite another to ignore the lessons and continue proposing unworkable ideas.

    And it's the same people making the same mistakes, over and over again.

    Pathetic. RBKC is becoming a laughing-stock.

  4. Sound a bit like another Pooter sure fire winner...the fabled Wedge Card.
    We don't hear much about that brilliant idea

  5. It's Fiona Buxton again, will she really be content to preside over yet another financial disaster?

    Answer: yes.

    Very sad.

  6. The wise old Dame has suggested that the website could quite easily be funded by companies keen to sell specialised products to the elderly.
    Will the Committee prefer to examine this route than chucking our money at something which may not work?


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