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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pootin May Give The Dame An SRA For Being In Opposition

Everybody wants to be wanted...none more so than the dear old Dame. Due to various rubbish share tips given by ex financial journalist and disgraced ex Mayor Phelps, the Dame has been hit by catastrophic losses to her little share portfolio.
Desperate to make ends meet, the Dame had an idea. Everybody is saying that the Dame is fast becoming a major opposition force so-somewhat impertinently, she put in a call to Pootin Cockell. "Pootin, The Dame is now a major opposition force; also I have to put up with you calling, at all hours of the day and night, for advice: I think I deserve one of your lovely Special Responsibility Allowances."

"Well, Dame" replied Pootin, "you have a point,  but I would have to make you an ex officio committee member. I will need to discuss it with my boss, Mr Myers. How much do you want?"

"Well, the ghastly Professor Coates has just got £40k and I would like the same"

Will Pootin do the decent thing and buy off  La Dame?

Will Pootin Give the Dame 'Hush Money?"


  1. If there was an elected Mayor I would propose the Dame. She would be much more elegant sitting in Cockell's Bentley

  2. The propaganda is that Conservative councillors are unconcerned at The Dame's blog. That's the propaganda. Enough said.

  3. Coutfield Resident4 March 2012 at 09:08

    Cllr Holt has let it be known to friends that he would prefer not to be mentioned in the Hornet.

    He finds it all very tedious

  4. The Dame should be very careful. Cockell buys off opposition by giving SRA's.

    The Dame would not look nice as a poodle.

  5. Cllr Holt is one of those sad representatives who does little for his residents but occupies space in Hornton Street, draws his SRA, and feels fulfilled. And votes when and how he is required to do so.

    When such people get prodded by the Dame, fear and loathing set in. But the solution is simpler than that. All Tony Holt needs to do is blog on the Hornet and put his point of view.

    Its a free world and free speech is encouraged by the Dame

  6. This is the point.

    Conservative councillors have so little to do that they spend huge amounts of time surfing the web on their tax payer provided portable computers. A new one every two years.

    When they come across the Hornet, it becomes compulsive viewing. It talks about them. It talks about what is going on. It talks the truth.

    A novel and engaging experience for the poodles.

  7. Follower of Phelps4 March 2012 at 09:52

    Cllr Holt leads a quiet life in his Kensington Mansion Flat and only really ventures out to buy nibbles at Partridges.

    The idea of engaging in dialogue on a computer web site is too taxing a thought, let alone making the effort to engage.

    Cllr Holt is however a dab hand at photo viewing on the web. Delightful what one can find

  8. They should be worried 80,000 people now know what a bunch of idiots run this council and the embarrassing nonsense it gets up to under the bullying of poor in . 80,000 is probably more than the total amount of votes that puts them in this position.....roll on next election.

    Will none of them stand up and be counted and get rid of him. Unless of course there is to be a tri borough leader!

  9. Tony is not being very truthful....
    His partner, Geoffrey(sic?) finds the Hornet most amusing.
    How does the Dame know? A neighbour of theirs in Palace Gate, who plays Bridge with the Dame, told her. So enough of your little fibs, dear
    You adore the old Dame is your curious way!
    Our neighbour friend was quire surprised at how much Tony was drawing. In her words...'he is very lazy1"

  10. Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know if the council "sweeps" the hard drives of computers issued to councillors after they are returned and new models provided (courtesy of tax payers)?

    Hornton Street should carry out random checks to help safeguard residents from the likes of ex Cllr Phelps, ex Cllr Daley andxxxxxxxxx

    4 March 2012 09:56

  11. Fear and loathing induced by what? Are they on drugs? I just want the social worker legal bovver boys to FO, they are ruining the neighbourhood


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