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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cllr Condon-Simmonds Reported To Standards Committee

The Pride of Cremorne
Deep in the depths of Cremorne lurks Cllr Maighread Condon-Simmonds. By popular demand-from mischief making Cremornites, the Dame has decided to remove the bushel that hides Maighread's very bright candle.
Evidently Maighread had a spot of trouble which led her to come before the Lack of Standards Committee. According to 'one who knows', she she applied for 'regeneration' funds for Cremorne estate: it's for small local projects that benefit social tenants, often bin tidying, playground projects etc. Now that sounds rather good-until one digs around.....
The particular application was to fence off part of a communal space-a rather lovely patch of grass and plants.
One who knows says was to be a gate from a particular person's balcony or something, which would give them pretty well exclusive access to it. It would also mean that only people from that block could use the garden so it would not have been a communal/amenity space. It's supposed to go out to consultation-it didn't. Condon-Simmonds signed the papers saying it had. Residents were absolutely furious and reported their councillor to the Lack of Standards Committee.
What happened? Nothing, of course

What she did was deliberate, misleading and disgraceful. The Dame is awaiting a solicitor's letter-if Condon-Simmonds dares!


  1. If that is MP Malcolm Rifkind in the picture I am already in a bad mood

  2. Useless MP

    C-S is small change compared with the freeloader

  3. Malcolm Rifkind is a sub standard MP for Kenisngton. Residents are still waiting for him to hold a surgery and he is rarely if ever seen in North Kensington, prefering the Garden Parties of the prosperous South.

    It would be good if he took a few lessons from Greg Hands, MP for Chelsea, about what a Westminster representative is supposed to do.

    Instead, MP Rif concentrates on Radio 4 and his non Executiive Directorships (the highest fees in Westminster for non Exec pay)

    Time to go to pasture Malcolm

  4. Dame Hornet should know that Cllr C-S blotted her copybook lately. She did a very unwise thing and was reported to the Standards Cttee.

    She got off of course. But she did 'do it'. So, her stock is low among her peers.

  5. Cllr C-S is in her final two years as a Councillor, so she should try to enjoy them. She will be ejected by the voters of Cremorne in 2014 (along with the ward's other two Tories). Labour came within 19 votes in a by-election and now can taste the blood in the water.

  6. 22:08
    The Dame would love to know more of her faux pas

  7. The Standards Committee seems to have a "hands off Tories" constitution. Can I be right in this observation?

    In truth I have never heard of Cllr Condon. Maybe it is better that way. Is it a "him" or a "her"

  8. Well Hornet, MC-S is a bit too cosy with certain of the residents on Cremorne estate, she tried to help them out with a bid for some 'regeneration' money by signing papers saying that all the residents had been consulted and agreed with the bid.

    It wasn't true. She was called to account by residents at the Standards Cttee, but inevitably got away with it.

  9. So it is a "she"!

    Dont like the sound of signing papers under false pretences. The sort of thing that a disinterested councillor might do in order to get nuisance muppets off her back. "oh just give me the papers to sign and go away"

  10. Stds Cte members know who they have to please. Any Conservative councillor coming before them is an opportunity to obtain Brownie points from Cllr Cockell. And this can be very valuable indeed - sky high SRA's always a possibility.

    The land of "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours". The House that Cockell built.....

    Time for change

  11. Scribe, it was much worse than that, apparently it was a concerted attempt to get funding for a project that would benefit one particular resident. It was quite deliberate, so we're told.

  12. A liason! With the underclass!!

    What social standing does Cllr Condon have? Good family?

  13. The Councillor is of Irish stock as ancient as she. Good stock? We will never know but more like Cllr Moylan's. She likes to go to mass and benediction several times a day at the Servite RC church in Fulham Rd.
    Cllr Moylan, being a social climber fancies the bells and smells of Brompton Oratory....chacun a son bizarre gout

  14. Cllr. Neal has more to fear from the voters of Cremorne than Cllr. Condon-Simmonds.

    He keeps such a low profile he is half-jokingly referred to as the invisible man.

  15. Wise men (and muppets) need to be wary of the Irish

  16. Cllr Moylan does not have elderly friends!

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  19. Is it true that the RBKC stopped the investigations into Coroner Knapman following the Marchioness disaster? Why has justice failed the victims? There are suggestions that specific members of the RBKC have close ties to Knapman and that's why.

  20. See "The Coleman Eperience" blog!
    You'll have the big picture!


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