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Friday, 23 March 2012

Royal Borer Newspaper Found In Aldwych!

 A resident has written to the Dame with a very strange tale. It seems Mr Fitzpatrick, head of the RBK&C Propaganda Unit has been instructed by Prime Minister Cockell to ensure the Royal Borer newspaper is widely circulated throughout London, so that all Londoners can see him with the 'not so good and not so great' opening Exhibitionist Road. 
An Utter Waste Of Money
Our resident was fuming at the waste and hubris of Pootin. This is what he had to say......
"I got on a No.23 bus this evening at Aldwych and there was a pile of Royal Borough newspapers for anybody to pick up and read. Given the wishes of Eric Pickles about the withdrawal of this type of wasteful propaganda why are these available on a bus (at the expense of the RBK&C council tax payer) which runs across a number of different councils. Strangely enough, I am not sure whether the No. 23 actually ventures into the RBK&C!"


  1. No 23 bus certainly travels from RBKC to Westminster.

  2. So does the Underground, does that this rubbish should be dumped on the circle, district lines?

  3. Cllr Cockell is desperate for media exposure. From the safety of his house newspaper he loves to tell it like he sees it. And with the huge budget that he has created from hard pressed tax payers to do K&C public relations, we can expect an ever wider distribution of "The Royal Borough News".

    It is a disgrace. Pure indulgence by a tin pot Dictator.

  4. Long Suffering Officer26 March 2012 at 16:45

    Come on, we print the rag and then put it out all over the bus routes in the borough.

    That way we can safely say we have a circulation upwards of 90,000.

    No mention of how many people actually read the rubbish though.

    If it were up to us we'd close the thing down.


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