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Friday, 2 March 2012

"Mind Your Own Business Mr Pickles" says Mr Myers RBK&C& H&F Chief Exec

Happy Myers-a  £265k a year man
In a Daily Mail in a Pickles article the Secretary of State whines on about vast Council chief executive salaries. Pickles is the boy who cries wolf-no one takes a blind bit of notice of him. He really is a vast waste of space: even the lowly Mr Myers ignores him.
Pooter boasts he deals with Pickles on a daily basis so one would have thought Pickles might take him aside and suggest Derek Myers, our ex social worker Chief   Executive, gives up a little of his gross £265,000 a year salary.
That scourge of the wasteful ways of the Rotten Borough, Mr Downes, has forwarded to the Dame a letter sent to Malcolm Rifkind by Myers. It covers, amongst other things, Chief Executive salaries.
This is how Mr Myers put down Mr Pickles....
Mr Myers said "Mr Pickles had no authority to determine Chief Executive salaries as they are local employment contracts"

In others words..."mind your own business!'
PLEASE  Mr Myers!


  1. Mr Myers is impossibly grand
    He thinks he should rule the land

  2. The arrogance of the ruling clique in Hornton Street knows no bounds

    The Secretary of State for Local Government has given a lead about Local Govt salaries. He has called for excessive salaries to be scaled back. Its called a "nudge". Its the way British democracy is supposed to work. We don't take people outside and shoot them.

    Derek Myers salary and pension (like that of his boss, greedy guts Cllr Cockell) is off the scale.

    Myers should recognize that he is in public service and take note of public opinion. He is not some God on to himself - which is how he appears

  3. Its a sick and out of touch culture in Hornton Street.

    Disconnected from the real world

  4. Lord Kensington3 March 2012 at 10:03

    Don't much like the look of the fellow Pickles, but he should be listened to

  5. Lord Kensington......are you a 'fattist'??

  6. Suffer in Silence3 March 2012 at 11:08

    The whole ethos in Hornton Street is to dismiss the democratic tradition and to plunder council tax for personal gain and vanity projects.

    When the Leader uses the Mayor's Bentley for personal use, the Chief Executive justifies the abuse by saying that he has authorised it "in order to save taxi fares". When residents complain about the absurd and scandalous decision to sell a school playground, the Ward councillor writes to the Leader to report that "the dogs are barking".

    The Leader awards himself and his friends a collection of SRA's and salaries that are off the scale and bear no relation to comparable positions elsewhere. When the Leader goes on travel he thinks nothing of charging up $416 meals for friends in New York

    And when it comes to grand gestures of architectural excess, the Borough is in a class of its own. With wealthy residents filling the countries biggest local Government piggy bank. (K&C holds a record £180 million in cash reserves at the bank). £100 million already spent on a school refurbishment, £30 million on a road refurbishment,£30 million planned for a train station that TFL cannot justify, and so the list goes on. Its all grandly called 21 projects for the 21st Century



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