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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Dame Put In Her Place By Pootin Cockell

The Dame has been thoroughly put in her place by Dear Leader Cockell. You may remember that the Dame accused him of gross extravagance in spending £30,000 on the opening of his £27 million extravaganza, Exhibitionist Rd. Well, the Dame hangs her head in shame. Pootin has just sent her the full costs and it cost nothing like £30k. As Pootin said in the accompanying note, " You got that wrong Dame: it only cost £28, there!"
Well, I know that the fun loving residents of Britain's richest ward, Golbourne, will be delighted to know that it was just a mere drop in the ocean.
There was a time when we Conservatives would have had the good manners to understand that this sort of excess is just plain vulgar and sends out a 'couldn't care less attitude'. But, of course, vulgarians like Moylan have no concept of good manners.

Take a look at the 'let them eat cake' spending. You will need to click on the image to see the full extent of how your money was wasted.


  1. £4,000 for the Welsh Guards to play music and an elephant hired for £2,400 to open a road where pedestrians are put at risk and pink granite was imported from China

    Cllr Cockell has taken leave of his senses

  2. £6,600 to close the Exhibitionist Road for the day & £2,000 for security. It's obscene.

    Elderly residents of North Kensington have recently seen their dining club closed by RBKC. I met a wheelchair bound lady whose free taxi vouchers have been withdrawn by RBKC. Then there's the former ballerina forced to wear incontinence pads because her carer has been withdrawn by RBKC. The reason given for all three decisions is RBKC's lack of funds.

  3. The after school homework club at North Kensington library for children whose parents do not have English as a first language was one of the first front line cuts implemented last year. This service cost less than £5,000 per year to provide - or the same as the cost of hiring two white tin elephants for one event.

  4. 600 quid for some souvenir chocolates?

    What about something to send to the poor souls who had to dig the granite out of the earth under the famous "Chinese Labour Laws" regime...

  5. Did Pootin go along with an army of British politicians, town hall fat cats and quangocrats spent four days wining and dining alongside tycoons and prostitutes at the world’s biggest property fair in French Riviera Cannes?


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