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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cllrs 'Up Yours' Palmer and Fielding-Mellen In Trouble

Trainee Deputy Prime Minister Cllr Rocky Fielding-Mellen made a major faux pas at the Cabinet meeting the other day.
Around and about our borough are numerous school-keepers' and park-keepers' lodges. One such building was squatted for SIX MONTHS before the Council even noticed!
 So just what is the Council doing with these other high value assets? They are being let to 'developers' who will develop them as luxury homes and rent out for ten years. Why the Council cannot do this uncomplicated refurbishment themselves and capture the huge rent is rather a mystery; the substantial income could have been deployed to refurbish falling apart council housing in Golborne, for example, rather being handed over to greedy developers.

Blabbernmouth Palmer
It appears that there is also a top secret Plan B and the contents  are being blabbermouthed  by Cllr 'Up Yours' Palmer!

RockFM In Trouble
Evidently, despite being told it was top secret, Palmer has been telling all and sundry that 49 Bassett Road W10, a 16 bed hostel, is about to be let, on a long lease, to a private primary school. Palmer is telling people it's 'top secret' as it should have been made available for housing.
But what did Rocky do wrong? At the last Cabinet meeting discussions were taking place about two, very close rival bids, to run two ex caretaker houses as luxury homes for 10 years. Rocky suddenly blurted out something to the effect, “as the bids are so close let's hope no one tops the £90,000 bid with one at £90,500”
A furious Pooter shot an angry glance at his trainee saying, “these figures are only in the private papers. Come and see me after, in my study, for a good thrashing, you silly boy!” Tears rolling down his cheeks Rocky said, “ but what about Cllr 'Up Yours' Palmer-he has been telling everybody about Plan B. It's not fair!”


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  2. The Dame is quite wicked to be publishing this stuff about top secret property dealing in North Kensington.

    The matters are sub judice and members of the public were asked to leave the Cabinet meeting before discussions.

    Is the Cabinet room bugged?

  3. Inspector Palmer should be commissioned forthwith to carry out an urgent electronic sweep of the Cabinet room.

    Security has been compromised.

  4. Glad to see that some luxury housing is being facilitated in North Kensington. The down and outs up there may learn a thing or two to their advantage.

    High risk stuff

  5. Person Familiar With The Situation24 March 2012 at 18:53

    Cllr Cockell is starting to wonder if he has over promoted Cllr Mellen. From time to time Rock shows a worrying independent streak which is quite different and more worrying than his occasional juvenile lapses.

    At the end of the day, Pooter has confided to friends that he may be better off with Paget-Brown as chief poodle in waiting. Its just that PB is so boring and not easy on the eye

    But Brown's poodle purr is in a class of its own.

  6. Cllr Lightfoot lives in a squalid tenement block in North Kensington. It would be fitting, with his new-found Cabinet status, if a way could be arranged to rehouse the grand lady into the new luxury developments planned by his colleagues.

    Cllr Palmer would no doubt be delighted - it is still a mystery what a person of intelligence like Lightfoot sees in the hapless Palmer

  7. Cllr Palmer did you not have an issue telephone billing some years ago?
    Do you want to share? Or maybe the Dame should....

  8. Cllr Lightfoot owns the whole of the large Victorian "squalid tenement" in which he lives. His tenants would doubtless welcome him investing to improve their living conditions.

  9. Rock FM disrespects residents and looks down at poor people.
    He also has no qualifications or experience to justify either his position at the Council or his vast salary.
    He is a nob poser who will be exposed in time.


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