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Saturday, 24 March 2012

'Prime Minister' Cockell gets 'Bunker Mentality'.

A long term resident of our Borough wrote to Cllr Cockell expressing concern about the recent Cabinet decision to continue funding Holland Park Opera. This resident has a forty year track record in international business; an opera lover and adviser to the shadow Cabinet in the lead up to the 1979 General Election.
One of the claims made by Councillor Cockell is that he wants residents-you know, us suckers who fund his greedily extravagant lifestyle with a £133,000 per annum allowance- to actively participate in the affairs of the Borough. And of course, why on earth not? It is our hard earned taxes that keep the Borough operational. But of course, the truth and Cockell are violent enemies. When he dissembles he says it is 'political'!
Our resident has developed a reputation as a tough 'resident scrutineer'. When the council wastes money he will say so: when it does good things he is unstinting in praise.

A recent concern has been the  high risk plan to further fund Holland Park Opera. There are parallels here with Chelsea Care. The resident previously warned Cllr Cockell that engaging in this sort of activity was likely to lead to a major financial loss: and so it transpired-residents picked up a bill for nearly £1 million. And again, at that time Cockell refused to engage in any discussion

The resident continued to exercise his right to articulate his concerns with a letter on Holland Park Opera. And-as before, Cockell refused to respond or engage. An elected representative has a bounden duty to respond to legitimate criticism and concerns. Not to do so is rude and boorish. But worse, it is a dereliction of democratic duty.  

Cockell needs to 'man up' and stop acting like a sulky child. He has a reputation for being upset when criticised, but needs to remember that his own business experience is not just very limited, but quite unsuccessful. He should be ready to take advice from others with successful business careers and greater intelligence.

Answer the letter and stop behaving like a petulant, spoilt brat-or maybe you just don't have an answer?


  1. Dame can we see this letter to Pootin?

  2. More piffle on the Hornet. A troublesome resident making life difficult for hard working councillors.

    The letter probably does not exist. Or "got lost in the post". Another Phantom. Just like the Hornet

  3. The Leader needs to be selective and cannot reply to communications that are obviously deranged

    1. You are right the leader is too busy making his expense claims to respond to residents. Not the sort of thing the Prime Minister of Kensington and Chelsea should be expected to do.

  4. 1:30 who are these hard working Councillors? Do you mean over paid and under worked Councillors. Very stressed by making expense claims for entertaining their friends whose names they can't remember. What a tough life it is.

  5. 20.36 you are quick to judge. The letter to Cllr Cockell in 2008 warning about the perils of Chelsea Care was hardly deranged. Cllr Cockell lead his Cabinet into a bum decision.

  6. The Hornet and a few philistine residents have been campaigning against the opera of Holland Park, which is the Great Glory Of London.

    Ignorant people. It brings prestige to our Borough

  7. He will not respond because he cannot defend what is happening, he therefore refuses to engage and ignores what he doesn't want to hear. This is his track record.

    It is totally unacceptable for a public servant?? (we know he publicly serves himself!)

    He needs to depart to somewhere else fast.

  8. But what about the £1.5 million of council tax that goes on supporting the opera every year,20.53?

    Is it right to spend on this scale while cutting back care services in North Kensington?

  9. Labour nutters

  10. IF a letter exists, it will be full of left wing ranting


  11. The Dame should put up or shut up.

    Lets see the letter

  12. Too many councillors, too much money to spend and too little to do.

    Idle hands make mischief. Our councillors make expensive mischief. HPO, Exhibition Rd, High Street Ken "streetscapes", Kings Road tat, Holland Park School, Bentley, Jaguar.....

    21 projects for the 21st Century

    The list goes on.

  13. Don't forget Chelsea Care. Another disaster for the list

    Every penny of it funded by the council tax. And a piggy bank with another £200 million in it for more profligate spending

  14. For some of the recent 'posters' information.

    Councillors are accountable for their actions, including pootin, this blog is merely doing what all councillors should be doing, questioning everything.

    Not sitting in meetings appearing they are important, reaping the benefits for themselves, whilst public money is whittled away on nonsensical projects and vulnerable people hung out to dry.

  15. 20:30
    What a funny fellow you are Cllr Palmer. Why are you not posting as Up Yours? Lets face facts.Your really don't expect us to believe that Pooter Cockell is cultured? His scant education was at some rough little school(now closed down)and his career selling cigarettes hardly the stuff of urbanity. Sadly, the 'hardworking councillors'leave much to be desired in the 'brain stakes'.
    The Dame is a power in this Borough:
    91,000 Unique visitors prove it. And stop panicking..your council has become a laughing stock-as you too are!!!

  16. I speak to many officers socially. They think the Dame is the funniest and sharpest observer of the greedy, pompous councillors. They would be heartbroken if she desisted


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