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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cllr Read Appointed By Pootin To Buy Mayoral Cars

A reader, obviously sharing Cllr Read's knowledge of big motor vehicles, has come up with a very clever suggestion. He says he can source these vehicles, cheaply, as a replacement for the Bentley and the Jaguar.
The Dame thinks they look slightly unwieldy and where would the personalised number plate go?
They might come in useful for Mayoral trips to Golbourne or for Pootin when opening the Notting Hill Carnival.
But as one reader wickedly commented, " they may be a bit slow transporting the Leader to Heathrow for one of his Virgin Upper Class trips to the US"

Cllr Read Road Testing Mayoral Vehicle


  1. How much are they Clklr Read and are you using your neocon friends to source them?

  2. I am sure that Cllr Read approved of this parade in Kensington High Street to "welcome our boys home".

    It is wrong in this day and age to be celebrating war and I for one objected strongly to the pathetic parade.

    If we want to show appreciation to our soldiers, make it meaningful. Give them a bonus.

  3. There were four "tanks" traveling on Moylan's expensive Kensinngton High Street on tracks that were doing untold damage to the road surface.

    A ridiculous display that served no purpose

    And held up the traffic, mid morning on Saturday

  4. "I for one objected strongly to the pathetic parade."

    that statement would have more clout if you had the guts to identify yourself instead of hiding behind a Pseudonym.

    Unlike our soldiers

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Richard Hease
    Why would it have more clout if this guy identified himself. Do you think somehow you are courageous because you did not use a pseudonym? If you do you are deluded and a show off. These blogs survive on people remaining anonymous.
    13:38 expressed a fair comment. It was in no way disrespectful to our soldiers. What it did infer was they should be much better looked after. And much better that they had never ever been sent out to this merciless killing field.
    This war was always pointless and you damned well now it.

  7. Yes 16.00 and other posters here, it would break my heart to have to wave at these poor men, cannon fodder for misguided international policy. And as you say, once they come home they need practical support, jobs, possibly physio and psychological help - not to mention a decent home.

    One young man I know went to war full of 'courage'; he came home broken and will never be the same.

    I pity them but cannot celebrate this.

  8. If Mr Hease had any personal experience of the spitefulness of RBKC towards those daring to spill the beans on the Rotten Borough, he would appreciate the need for pseudonyms.

    The Town Hall elite is so out of touch with residents' views, it's just possible to imagine armoured vehicles being needed to protect certain persons from residents.

  9. A badly judged event. The public mood not with it. No one turned up to the parade - just an odd event that did not fit with Saturday morning in the High Street

    The soldiers had tea and biscuits in Holland Park with councillors, including the hopeless Cllr Palmer

  10. Pathetic attempt by Cllr Cockell to hold "parades". He wants to feel part of the Olympic "spirit".

    A parade with elephant to open Exhibition Road. Then another opportunity with soldiers.

    Who knows what is around the corner when the games start. The reptile will be out and about with his swordstick

  11. Horrible little man

  12. Yes, Pooter, being German, loves 'ze parades'. Soon the little fella' will have his own corps of bodyguard. What a state our once great country has descended to when a puffed up little man like Cockell is given any sort of power

  13. Liebstandarte Pootin.


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