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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cllr Frances Taylor...the Borough's Mrs Bennet

Continuing her appraisals of our councllors.....
The Dame was tipped the wink by an officer that Councillor Taylor should step into the spotlight.
Why this mischief making officer would nominate Cllr Taylor will soon become clear....officers loathe her for her overbearing manner and social climbing ambitions.

The Dame has only ever casually met Cllr Taylor. Sad to say they have much in common: both are inveterate social climbers. However, unlike Cllr Taylor, the Dame was never employed by BEA as a trolley dolly...she is far too grand to ever have had to serve drinks to fat international salesmen.

But those of you who watch TV costume drama will see much resemblance to Mrs Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Like Mrs Bennet, Cllr Taylor succeeded in marrying off her daughter to a young Cadogan-a fact that causes the councillor, all too often-and quite without reason-to declare interests when Cadogan matters are on the agenda.
Mrs Bennet aka Cllr Taylor
But importantly, for this very self important lady,  it does remind other councillors how well connected she is!
The word on Sloane Street is that that old 'Curmudgeon' Cadogan is far from being a fan of his son's mum- in-law. In fact, he has been known to turn his back on her with disdain...

This is unlikely to upset this very pushy woman known to officers as the Poisonous Dwarf.... so pushy that she elbows other 'celebrities' out of the way to get into council pictures. Small wonder Cllr 'Betty' Campbell fled Redcliffe Ward.....


  1. Every Court needs a Jester. And at the Court of Cockell it is a close run thing between Cllr Taylor and Clrr "Biblical" Campbell.

    Taylor has it, just.

    At least I don't have to wake up next to her every morning

  2. The Officers are very perceptive about their political Lords and Masters.

    The Taylors of this world are a source of constant merriment and amusement.

    Harmless stuff - just as long as she lays off the SRAs

  3. Most of us have inlaw problems of one sort or another. Some are self made - like marrying above one's station.

    "Doors to Manual" really should know better than to get invlved with the nobility. Only humiliation can follow

    Was our man at Eton? Taylor will have seen the school often on her BA runs.

  4. A trolly dolly at the Court of Cockell? Whatever next.

    The man strives so hard for respectability but every now and again there are spectacuular lapses of judgement. Grand Met typists, Air Stewards with part time porn activities (the Dame put paid to him), Stewardess Second Class Talor.....

    The list is endless

    Oh, I forgot the unmentionable

    PS the bus drivers son

  5. She must have done the nobs in first class.

    Cant possibly imagining her slumming it with the hoi-polloi at the back in cattle class.

    Mind you, was it before the jet-age seeing as she is of vintage?

  6. I heard that she was not invited to the big Cadogan party. Not to thwarted Cllr Taylor importuned an invited guest and forced herself upon him as his escort!! That was the time
    Lord Curmudgeon turned his back on her

  7. More filth:

  8. Anonymous 17.06 is correct. Such allegations against a former RBKC Councillor are truly shocking.


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