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Friday, 30 March 2012

Post Down

The Dame had a very late night and has only just picked up some of the comments: some are blatantly racist.
Benefit cheating is not the preserve of any one ethnic group. In fact, were it not racist to say so benefit cheats are more likely to be WASP. Anyway, the post has been removed to deter any more offensive comments.
But, Mr Myers your inescapable duty is to stop this theft of our money: money which can be used to help the really needy. And we have enough in both boroughs you have responsibility for. If you cannot put these measures in place then you need to reconsider your position.

And finally, The Dame is an elderly old thing....when people post up nasty stuff it often very difficult for her to take it down quickly-so just don't do it!

The beauty of this blog is that there is no moderation. Let us keep it that way!


  1. Well Hornet, clearly you were left with no alternative but to delete that thread. However, you will recall that I posted a challenge, late last night, to your tory readers, to condemn the blatantly racist remarks that had been posted in response to your well-intentioned original item. My only regret is that you deleted the thread before we had a chance to see if any of these would respond.

    Pity about that.


    Grenfell Actioneer

  2. Racists come from all political parties. Why pick on Tories? And why assume that all readers are Tory? They clearly don't like this Tory run council!

  3. Hornet, I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that the racist comments came from some of your tory readers, based partly on the pseudonyms they were using. I myself am certainly not a tory, but I am of course an avid reader of the Hornet's blog. I do not assume that all your readers are tory, but clearly many of them are.

    As to your comment that your readers don't like this tory run council, I am afraid that we all live in a borough that repeatedly returns massive tory majorities on the council.

    Unforunately for me and my neighbours in the North Kensington ghetto, this means that we have no possibility of ever electing a council that would represent our interests. We are condemned to suffer forever the tender mercies of these tory grandees and their right-wing politics. The suspicion remains, certainly in my mind, that these right-wing attitudes may well include racist views.

    Grenfell Actioneer

  4. Let's not get too excited, too soon, but there seems to be a hint that even some Tory councillors are at last willing to express their dissatisfaction with the Hornton Street regime. This, in great part thanks to The Dame.

  5. More Council filth:


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