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Thursday, 1 March 2012

No Show Roe

Phillipa Roe, WCC's new leader refuses to show her 'manifesto' to the people. It makes a mockery of her claim in today's Standard which went, "My approach is a collegiate approach, it's an open approach and I want to listen to what residents, businesses and everybody else involved with the city really want." Yet she hides her manifesto from prying eyes....

The Dame has a feeling that 'No Show' Roe talks utter rubbish. Were she sincere in her claim she would have not have forced Paul Dilmondenberg to put out this statement. Roe is guilty by association in that she was avid in her support of BarrowBoy and Boy Rowley and their mad parking scheme.
Sad really, Glynis Roberts would really have been the right choice: she feels the pulse of  the people, whereas Miss Roe just adores the sound of her irritating voice.

Backed The Parking Strategy
Westminster’s Labour Councillors have called on new Council Leader Phillipa Roe to make her leadership election manifesto public so that residents can see the promises that she has made to her 47 Conservative colleagues, the only Westminster residents who were allowed to take part in Wednesday evening’s election.

Labour say that Councillor Roe’s secret 10-page glossy leaflet should be made public following her narrow 26 vote to 22 vote victory. It is reported that the election leaflet was marked “not subject to the Freedom of Information Act”, raising suspicions that its contents are intended to remain secret from the public.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Councillor Roe is to be congratulated on winning the Leadership but she must now make her election promises public so that Westminster’s 250,000 residents who were excluded from any involvement in this election can see for themselves what she has promised. “

“Councillor Roe promises that her door “will be open to Conservative backbenchers”, but what about everyone else? It is scarcely credible that in 2012 Westminster Conservatives can be operating like a secret society with Conservative Councillors the only ones who have access to the power and influence wielded by Westminster Council.”



  1. Yes but at least she is trying to operate an open door policy with the backbenchers. Pooter’s door on the rare occasions when he is not pounding the streets of Jarrow to patronise the natives, remains firmly closed. Has anyone seen the poster at the Public Library:- Who Rules Kensington and Chelsea with mug shots of all Pooter’s friends (some of them even making two mug shot appearances) and the cynical reference at the bottom to 36 ‘other councillors’ who are clearly off the Pooter radar? Truly, a dreadful indictment of the way the man thinks.

  2. Up Yours is a voice crying in the wilderness and nearly 87,000 unique visitors agree with the Dame.
    Unless you can make constructive and intellectually useful comment you will be banished into outer darkness-for being repetitive and tedious

  3. Sounds like the new Leader of Westminster has scored an "own goal" on her first day

    Silly woman

  4. Frankly I have better things to do than be the butt of unpleasant and bullying comments and constant haranguing by your idiotic followers.

    I will no longer visit your pointless drivelling website or comment, I was only doing so as a favour to someone I have a lot of respect for. There are better ways to serve this purpose, just you wait and see.

  5. Up Yours
    the Dame respects free speech but you have finally admitted that you produce your rubbish to help out, 'someone you have a lot of respect for.'This is tantamount to admitting that Pooter put you up to this. How very sad...
    I have had a few phone calls on this and I am prepared to allow your to return to the site after admitting you are just a stooge for darker forces. We await your apology.

  6. Dame how tragic that the only supportive comment out of 87,000 visitors comes from Up Yours. Pooter Cockell should be ashamed of himself for allowing an imbecile like Up Yours to attempt to defend his vast allowance and disgusting abuse of expenses. Long live the Dame

  7. Looks like another dictator has arrived in Westminster and with such arrogance from the very beginning,

    This is what we will also have to deal with tri borough...beware! The complete melt down of local services for local people is about to start.

    As for up yours, what an idiot it would suit him to look at Walt Disneys Robin Hood, he is the snake to prince John.....mummy!


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