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Friday, 18 March 2011

Vote YES to AV on 5th May

Why Ken Livingstone is voting YES to AV on 5th May...

Former Foreign Secretary and Labour Leadership Candidate, David Miliband tells Labour Yes why he is supporting a Yes vote in the Alternative Vote Referendum on May 5th, here


  1. Dear Dame
    Your previous post (Avoiding the Bill) seems to demonstrate clearly that there is a "tea party" clique in the Town Hall (Cockell, Lightfoot, Palmer) supporting insder trading concerning Cllr Palmers business which purports to train councillors.

    This kind of corruption needs to be rooted out ruthlessly because it is symptomatic of a "climate" that is rotten to the core.

    Since the Leader himself seems to be involved, it is time for Chief Executive Myers to do his duty to
    Council Tax Payers

  2. I would comment on this post if I thought it of any interest whatever. As it is nothing but yet more drivel I will deny myself the pleasure.

    Do you really have nothing better to do with your lives?

  3. Some of the comments on this site are beyond drivel. Take two facts, put them together and voila, you have a puerile theory.

    It is quite common and indeed commendable that Councillors share their expertise, some of us are business leaders of many years experience. Senior officers are good value for money, particularly when making tough decisions on where to make savings.

  4. Lay off the rum n raisin, clearly you have just commented. A pretty pointless post to be perfectly pointed, but a post nonetheless!

    Hornet 1
    Driveller 0

  5. Just because you disagree with a theory doesn't make it purile. After all, if everything you spout is from up on high then it's such a waste you haven't been drafted into cabinet by Cameron, or sit on the board of the World Bank or the Jedi Council for that matter.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, if you thought about that a little people would actually grow to like you and maybe, just maybe, you would be a better person? Who knows, you may even grow to like yourself one day?


  6. I hope Driveller never stops posting...I just love the way the Dame makes him look such a clown.
    Dame can I congratulate you on the huge reader interest you have created:
    soon you will be up to 50,000. Bravo Dame

  7. Some cllrs have business experience?
    Enlighten us...
    Cockle? a two man band =flogging fags
    Ahern? Co sec to his ex wife company
    Big Chief Lightfoot: a so so economist
    Danny Boy Moylan? part time architect
    Nick Paget-Brown? What he ever done?

    Come on apart from Daarrliing Dalton
    there is no one who has done anything


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