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Friday, 4 March 2011

Tell Cockle where to get off....

Now we know the Leader has a delicate ego, quick to puncture, but really is it necessary that we have residents have to fork out £3 million plus so he can have his blog and the Royal Borer? Both have one thing in common-no one reads them unless they are inordinately dull and having nothing better to do.

Unlike Dame Hornet's blog which is now getting 800 hits a week poor old Cockle just has one post.  In that spirit of kindness which so marks the Dame she has asked all our loyal readers to click here and tell Sir Cockle what you think about the vast allowances he enjoys and the bumper salary of his buddy Mr Myers.

Tell him he should be posting on Hornet!


  1. I went but there was only one angry question about the Hornton St Gravy train and a dumb response from the ex fag salesman

  2. Mr Pickles said

    'So I say today, council bosses should open up these corporate credit cards to the sunlight of public scrutiny,'Mr Pickles told delegates.'Town hall executives – what have you got to hide?'

    Mr Pickles revealed that the office of former deputy prime-minister John Prescott ran up a £52,000 bill on his corporate credit card, which included £3,000 at the Wimbledon branch of Oddbins and £9,000 on Dial-A-Cabs.

    Mr Prescott seems to have much in common with a local leader


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