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Monday, 14 March 2011

Two out of three aint bad...

Hornet learns that coinciding with the referendum on AV on 5th May will be a double by-election, one in Norland and one in Brompton; as she correctly predicted a few weeks back.

Hornet also heard the buzz one of the potential candidates, probably in Brompton may be one of the two councillors who live in Earls Court and resigned under a cloud last year.

Question is though, will failed candidate from Earls Court, Mr Spalding be given another shoe-in ahead of loyal party members in the other?

Two down, one to go.......


  1. Oh I do hope Bungles is in charge of the election campaigns. Tee-hee, what fun that would be.

    Of course there's no need to canvass in those wards, both Conservative strongholds, even Palmer couldn't mess that up.

  2. Hornet has been reliably informed that the ex-councillor will not be making a come back as he hasnt lived in the borough since last July.

    So people of ToryLand, dust down your CV's and see if you get called in for the selection meeting!

  3. My feeling is that they won't risk another Earls Court here so despite the parlous state of Cllr Hanham's health will make him stay on-even though he is really not-in the kindest way-fit for purpose. Expediency rules.....


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