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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Addressing issue

Much has been said about the position someone had placed Hornet into, and the previous post by Hornet and the many comments, many of which have not been published, have supported her throughout.  Palmer's actions on who receives his broadcast email are curious, if not a little sinister.

The comment from an anonymous post asked the question why there were non-councillors included in his broadcast mail.

Now that got Hornet kind of wondering....

Why indeed?

What makes it curious is that one or two of them have in the past been on the receiving end of Hornets sting, and others, Hornet has absolutely no idea of who they are, nor why they were included in the cc of the email.

Perhaps, that shows the true motive of sending the email, and perhaps the sender would like to elaborate otherwise?


  1. Dear Hornet

    I thought it would be a jolly good jape, as I don't have a proper job, except annoying everybody in the Town Hall, to find any possible way of closing down the Hornet.
    The Hornet has been very unkind about my Leader Merrick Cockell and after my last blunder (when I sent his election strategy to Labour cllrs) I thought I had better ingratiate myself with him: after all how else could I get my SRA.
    Also they have been beastly to me.
    Anyway, what I thought would be clever hasn't work and the horrible Hornet found about my dirty little website( I forgot I still had it) and now everybody is laughing at me.
    It's just not fair.
    yours sadly

    Councillor Roundell Clouseau Palmer

  2. This whole episode leaves a very sour taste in the mouth. Using Council resources, and with no evidence, a senior Majority Group councillor has attempted, without success, to damage a legitimate information source.
    The question has to be addressed as to why he included the Gupta family in the email and an ex cllr, Ian Frazer.
    What has happened is so very wrong that the Town Clerk should investigate Mr Palmer's activities without delay. He is bringing the Council into disrepute.
    This council has endured enough scandal with the resignation of Barry Phelps. It is time to clean up it's act.
    "A concerned Royal Hospital Ward resident"

  3. Of course the above comment is satirical, but where is Matthew Roundell? Has he been told to cease and desist in the hope that it will all go away?

    Senior Tory trough-snufflers are probably delighted for this welcome distraction away from their own profligacy and inadequacy. We must all remember however, Roundell is just a side-show in this macabre spectacle.


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