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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Skills for sale

Just a few days ago we had a 'Mr John Parkes' commenting on this blog, claiming to be a resident of Westminster.

The Dame noticed on Conservative Home a 'Mr John Parkes' extolling the virtues of a business entitled "Council" on the denizen of Conservatism,, see it here

Being the inquisitive busy bee that she is, a quick flick through a few sites reveals the owner of said is none other than clouseau palmer! Is there no end to this mans talents?

If you are a lonely heart looking for love, married but fancy an illicit encounter, or a councillor who can do with some training, Palmer is your man.

Sugar must have been bonkers to let this one go.

What possible skills could he bring to the table of local governments, that wouldnt have them falling under it in fits of laughter?

The Dame wants to know how many councillors have taken up the course and how many taxpayer pounds have been spent by councils on sending councillors to this company. Our intelligence says not so many- fortunately that means not many have been exposed to some of Cllr Palmer's councillling skills. 


Through his network within the Conservative Party he might still get business. Quite sweet really how he suggests in the video that you should always ask the Leader of your council whether you can go on his course. Funny thing is his website says its only for local government, but the video says it can work for national government too.

No mention in the article or comments of Palmer... Surely he wouldn't be using an alias? If he is, we need to be told. Come on Cllr Palmer/Parkes. Let's have some transparency around here...or what are you hiding?


  1. Thank you Dame

    This story has my paralytic with laughter. I bet Clouseau wished he had not tangled with you. He is now so fearful of you he has to luk under pseudonyms. More power to the Dame!

  2. Oh dear, and he's forgotten to declare it in his Members' Interests. Oops. Not that it could mean any kind of conflict of interests, heavens forbid.

    Btw this is not the first alias the man has used. He writes to the Chronicle regularly as Ian Walker -no such person exists.

  3. Then I trust a councillor who is reading this will make the appropriate report to th standards committee for failing to declare a business interest?

  4. What a very unattractive person this Cllr Palmer is

    No doubt his councillor colleagues will reflect on whether he is an appropriate person to be a public representative

  5. Oh no, this just gets funnier and funnier.

    I remember Palmer last summer trying to persuade everyone to read some stupid boring book about procurement. He was like a born-again/cult salesman; cringe-worthy. He said he was offering talks about it.

    I wonder if the author of this tome knows that Palmer has turned his book into a lucrative business? Now I DO wish I'd paid attention for once and remembered the name of the book ... then we could alert the author to possible copyright issues.

    Btw it seems Palmer has been ordered not to respond. Time for yet another alias Palmer?

  6. This person is not fit to hold public office. Why is he being protected by Cllr Cockell?

    We should be told


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