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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tickets to the deserving...

The Dame trusts the Royally Rotten Borough will not dip into the coffers and purchase Olympic Tickets for the benefit of Senior Officers and Councillors.

LOCOG, the organising committee have made available for purchase a swathe of tickets for local authorities ranging from £95 to over £1000 each, depending on the "level" of the event. The final of the mens 100 metres and opening ceremony will come in close to the higher end of that, whereas the minor heats of the table tennis will be somewhat cheaper.

There is absolutely no justification why the council should stump up so that Sir Cockle and co can glide over to Stratford in the Bentley, followed by Moylan in the Jag, enjoy the events and hospitality at the taxpayers expense.

We've done things like that often enough before.

That being said, the Olympics is a once in a lifetime event, and if the borough has the opportunity to purchase tickets guaranteeing attendance at events, then it should do so but give the tickets to those deserving.

There are a number of sports clubs in the borough, and these should be recognised and given the chance to send one or two of their members to an olympic event.

There are a number of outstanding sportsmen and women, both adults and in schools and these too should be in with a chance.

Finally, there is a whole hidden army of volunteers who look after those less well off, the vulnerable or the needy and these are worthy of consideration.

Lets hope the council do the right thing and put aside £10,000 to reward those who deserve recognition.


  1. The problem with asking Sir Cockle if he will take up the 'offer' is that he will say no. But then accept and when asked about his volte face will say it was 'political'
    He did the same with the use of the Bentley denying he had ever used it for personal business and when cornered saying his denial was 'political'. His mother should have washed out his mouth with salt water when he was small !

  2. Of course the "in crowd" at Hornton Street will rush to get their grubby little hands on "free" Olympic tickets and the council tax payers will pick up the bill.

    Just like all those "free" tickets to Holland Park Opera that councillors grab.The sad thing is that most of the councillors who take advantage of the Holland Park Opera freebies are people who would never attend an opera using their own money. But when its "free" they grab it. And wonder around feeling important but totally mystified by what is going on......


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