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Friday, 18 March 2011

Skillful at avoiding the bill

Hornet has reported to you the various ways Clouseau Palmer increases his bank account, click throughs from, shagaholics, chinese dating, illicit encounters, and many more, some far too colourful to state.

Just remember, Dear Reader, if you get the whim to have sight of these dubious sites you run the risk of contributing to his income, so you may want to think again. is the latest one we've uncovered, we were led to to it, as you know, by tracking some of the pseudonyms posted on Hornet. Fear not, its only the ones we suspect of being Clouseau; and yes, we know the others...

Now is a business, it has a director, some chap called David Mitchell who proudly spouts off on conservativehome. The YouTube video is peddling some rather amateur attempt at pushing through some skill to cut costs. Provided of course you "ask your leader"

So whats the problem with that?

Absolutely nothing, a councillor like anyone else can have a business and make money from it. Sorry, satisfy its customers and by doing that make money. Thats right isnt it MP?

Provided of course the councillor states it clearly in his declaration of interests. Ooops, didn't do that did you Clouseau!

And of course secondly, Dear Reader, if you use the facilities in the Town Hall to promote your business, either directly with a fee paying customer; or to offer it free to users but in the process enable you to improve your business, you should pay the going rate for facilities.


Oh yes, Dear Reader, The Dame has received copies of emails sent by Clouseau Palmer to the councillors inviting them to attend his sessions in the Town Hall.


Dear Colleagues,

A number of you have said that you would have liked to have seen the presentation on Overpricing and ways to cut costs without impacting on services.
Therefore two new dates have been selected that will not clash with any council meetings – They are 21stJuly and the 29th July 6.30 – 8.30pm The Town Hall.

Merrick has agreed for this presentation to be opened up to the Labour and Liberal Party as well. This session is recommended by Warwick Lightfoot, Tim Ahern and Christopher Buckmaster (so do not take my word for it).

Please could you check your diary and say which dates you can make.

Subject: Please watch this video, from you tube

There is going to be an exclusive skills session announced in the near future. Only members of the Conservative Group will be attending.

The council is looking to make massive savings and it is hope you will be part of the solution.

Please have a look at this as a taster.


PS if you want to vote for the business idea here is the link

Now it could well be that Palmer did pay the going rate for the rooms at the Town Hall, it could well be the business he promotes paid for the facilities. But somehow Hornet doubts it, if a receipt dated a week or so either side of the date of these emails is provided, Hornet will gladly set the record straight.

However, if as Hornet suspects he used the facilities without paying, Hornet would like to think the Labour Party and LibDems (if they fancy coming out into the open, finally) will do something about it.

Will keep you posted...

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