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Friday, 4 March 2011

Councillor Award Nomination

Hornet has received another nomination for a councillor award.

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell has been nominated for the "Mature Contribution to a Council Debate" Award.

In the budget setting meeting in response to her opposite numbers accused them of being "like sooty and sweep"

If that wasn't a pointless enough remark, she dug an even bigger hole remarking "You think you can just wave your magic wands and 'izzy wizzy let's get busy' all services can be saved and extra money can be found. And to those muppets, I'd like to say put your magic fairy dust away. It won't work."

Bet she was up all week thinking up that one.


  1. I note that you have nothing to say about the Labour speeches and their proposals - I understand that their leader gave some drivel speech claiming the financial mess this country is in was "nothing to do with Gordon Brown"

    Tells us which party you support

  2. So Anon, 15:35 which part of

    "Make no mistake, the reason for this is largely due to the largesse of one Gordon Brown and co and the disastrous state of the nations finances since he left office."

    Don't you understand?

    Hornet does not support any one political party, and is critical of Labour, LibDem and Conservative.

    Its a little like contributions under S19, the majority party has 3, others 1. So therefore, Hornet is going to be more critical of the majority party. Not because they are Conservative, but because they are the majority party...

    No point having a go at Labour for spending over £600,000 each year on Holland Park Opera, or for jetting off to the USA and charging £10,000 to expenses. Nor attack the Liberals for having cheesecake DHL'd to Thailand. Because they dont.

    Whats the matter anyway? Can't take a little criticism?

  3. nice one Dame really put the driveler in his/her place

  4. So you attack the ruling group because they are in power. Not because it is one of the best run authorities in the country, not because its residents have one of the highest levels of satisfaction in the country (including the council estate dwellers), not because the council tax is one of the lowest in London but because of issues of personalities and your dislike of one type of art.

    Pathetic reasons

    J Parkes

  5. "So you attack the ruling group because they are in power."


    Hornet attacks the ruling group for the decisions they take, and the things they do.

    Tell me, do you really have to think about this?

  6. Mr Parkes you say you live in Westminster so stick to keeping your side of the street clean.

  7. Mr Parkes
    A day or so ago you professed ignorance as to what Holland Park Opera was and went on to claim you lived in Westminster. So why are you now so expert about the affairs of the Rotten Borough?
    You talk of resident satisfaction surveys. Do you not know that these are commissioned by the Council and the subject of extreme manipulation?
    Use your commonsense and consider the waves of resident protests over Sloane Square, Exhibition Rd, The Commonwealth Institute, Holland Park School, the destruction of the Portobello Market...the list goes on. This Council has never been believed in consultation. It over taxes residents to such a degree that there is now £177 million of OUR money sitting there because we have been forced into paying far more tax than we need.
    Just because you may be a friend of the Leader you should not allow yourself to be deceived.
    If you really think that spending £1 million a year on Holland Park Opera is the right application of resources then I despair of you.


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