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Sunday, 27 March 2011

RBKC Tax Payers 1 : Moylan 0

It seems Nasty Nick Paget Brown (NPB) had his weetabix the other Thursday before the cabinet meeting.

Danny Moylan, the Cheesecake legend exploded in fury at NPB demanding to know why the York stone paving programme had been removed from the budget.

Not to be budged, NPB found the gumption to stand up to this gargantuan bully even when he vented his spleen and spat out that he demanded a written explanation for this heinous crime. Our hero brushed the Brum Bully aside saying its all irrelevant as the decision has been made.

Realising he was on to a lost cause the Great Architect then resorted to what he does best at times like these, descended into a teenage sulk and spent the rest of the night crying silent tears. Not that anyone would have cared!

Hornet has suggestion for NPB and that is to provide a written explanation containing simply the picture on the left.

Hornet gives NPB a big kiss! Well done.


  1. Councillor Moylan brings this council into disrepute-for many and varied reasons. However, this is not the forum to examine the full extent of those reasons.His determination to garner as much financial reward as possible has placed residents in the invidious position where he wears two conflicting hats-as a Cabinet member and Dep Chair of Tfl. Why have Cockell and Johnson allowed this to happen? And why has Pickles not intervened? After all he has spoken out sharply against double jobbing, which in Moylan's case gives him an annual income of over £120,000 a year.
    But beyond all this is the issue of bullying highlighted by the Hornet.
    Whether members or officers it is bad for the Council. In business it is stamped upon. In local government it should equally be banished.

  2. Interesting. A resident who works in private equity has been criticising the use of Yorkstone for some time, as there are limetrees outside her house. She berated the Council's incompetence for not doing materials and when told it was chosen by Councillors said: 'Well, in the corporate world they would be sacked for such incompetence'.

  3. Come on voters of Queensgate
    Get rid of this £130k a year spomger.
    You are paying for his Thai pleasure dome

  4. Yet more drivel. Proof please!

  5. proof of what? Sounds like you have had,as my Irish friend Cllr Dannyboy Moylan would say, a drop taken of some 60% proof spirit.
    Now get to bed and sleep it off


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