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Sunday, 13 March 2011

From the horses mouth

BBC TV - Apprentice

Matthew Palmer, 39, has a BA in Business and Computing and a postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and is from London. His previous jobs include being a self-qualified stockbroker and a computer trainer. A Conservative Party parliamentary candidate in the 2001 general election, he claims "The objective of a business is not to make money. The object of a business is to satisfy customers. The result is to make money."[1] Palmer was fired in the fifth week for being an 'awkward character' and his 'need for confrontation'. Palmer is also known for being the first male candidate to ever be fired in the The Apprentice UK franchise. Since losing in The Apprentice, Palmer has set up a website for those suffering from fertility-related problems.[2]

Read it here
What it doesn't say, is that from first glance the only solution offered to those suffering from infertility problems is to go online and find someone else to have intercourse with, with or without your partners knowledge.

As for Lord Sugars comments on firing the St Charles chap, for being "an awkward character" and his "need for confrontation" this is all very strange? Are these really the characteristics of the Loveable Palmer we all know? 


  1. The description used by Sugar was the most obnoxious man I have ever met

  2. How did this guy get past the councillor selection/recruitment process?

    Cockell has for too long centralised the Tory recruitment process and castrated the Ward Chairmen and their Ward Committees. Palmer is what happens when democracy is hijacked

  3. Palmer has the public-school gift of 'speaking with authority' even when talking utter rubbish. I imagine Cockell (who frankly is a snob) was too impressed by his lineage to spot this. This is probably also why Palmer was allowed to run the May 2010 elections - which handed two seats to Labour on a plate.


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