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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Vote YES in the AV referendum on 5th May

AV results in Hung Parliaments
No it doesn’t.  That assumes they know how people will vote.  It also conveniently ignores that FPTP is more than capable of delivering hung parliaments.  In fact
  1. The last General Election resulted in a hung parliament under FPTP.
  2. There have been more hung parliaments under FPTP in the UK in the last 50 years than there have been in Australia where they use AV.
  3. India, Canada and the UK all use FPTP and all 3 have hung parliaments.
  4. More Countries have ditched FPTP than any other electoral system.

Myth 2
AV is hard to understand.
No it isn’t – it is as easy as 1,2,3.  And remember that people don’t have to give a second preference if they don’t want to. Give them the choice and let them decide!

Myth 3
AV is obscure
AV is used every day by doctors, teachers, trade unionists, journalists, nurses, students, lawyers and others in their internal elections, as well as by organisations such as the Royal British Legion, NHS Trusts, and commercial groups.  It is used to elect party leaders, general secretaries, governing board members and pension fund representatives.   Boris Johnson was elected as Conservative Candidate for Mayor by conservative members using AV.  

Myth 4
AV needs electronic counting machines and would be too costly
The Electoral Commission have confirmed there are no plans for electronic counting machines under an AV system.   Nor should we need them!  They have not ever used them in Australia where AV is also used. 

The fact is our existing system is no longer tried and trusted but tired and rusted.  It needs upgrading and bringing into the 21 Century.  Conservatives have never been afraid to reform longstanding institutions when they were clearly broken down.  We should not be afraid to do so again and vote Yes in May!

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