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Friday, 18 March 2011

V for Vendetta

Its alledged the Clouseau has bemoaned the Hornet has a vendetta against him.

Fear not Clouseau, you are really not that important, just clumsy enough to give the Dame enough to have a go at you.


  1. That says it all really. The Dame is 'guilty' of exposing alleged fraud, misuse of Council facilities, defamation, sleaze, arrogance and stupidity - but is accused of a vendetta.

    Pot - kettle - black?

    How it must hurt Bungles that he has been ordered not to respond. C'mon Bungles, you have a treasure trove of aliases, we'd never suspect, what's the harm, eh?

  2. What a silly boy ......

  3. Matthew Palmer has made a total idiot of himself. His attempt to suck up, in a most schoolboyish way, to his hero, the Dear Leader has turned the focus on his amateurish money making activities. No wonder the Dame Hornet and everybody else is laughing at his Bunteresque discomfort. She really has applied the boot to his ample backside and sent him flying. I wonder what his voters think about his .


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