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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Councillors and Sexy Websites

By now you all know what Lord Sugar said of Apprentice loser Palmer, who is also Lead Member for Community Safety.

By now you all know his declaration of interests states his ownership of, and this is confirmed by the public database of website ownership.

By now, you all know behind this website is a catalogue of dating sites, and meeting places for casual no strings encounters with like minded adults.

By now you all know that Palmer earns money as the site owner each time someone clicks through his website.

Hornet leaves the last word (for now) to the councils own website.

We are fortunate in the Royal Borough to have been able to attract many very capable people as Councillors. The quality of our Councillors is a major factor in the Council's continuing high performance and the Council is keen that it should continue to be able to attract good people. 

Enough said?


  1. It is a great pity Palmer never learnt a childhood lesson..don't, ever poke a stick into a Hornets Nest.

    You will get very seriously stung!!

  2. Stick or no stick, time for Cockell to get a grip and clean up his back yard

    How much longer do we have to wait?


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