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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ahem, Ahern deserves a nod...

Every year, under the lash of Moylan, officers have been forced to repave perfectly good pavements with luxury York Stone. The cost of this unnecessary exercise ran into millions of  pounds; like the use of granite imported from China-a vast cost in terms of environmental damage and the lives of the political prisoners who were forced to quarry the stuff.

But for Moylan, who bullies both colleagues and officers alike, these extravagances were all part of his 'folie de grandeur'. At last, officers have turned on him and refused to indulge his vulgar, personal whims. So we can now kiss goodbye to his Yorkist ambitions and say hello to huge savings: savings which can be redeployed sensibly in this cash strapped Rotten Borough.

The Dame now hears that not all councillors have remained quiescent about this waste of money. Rumour has it that Cllr Ahern has been discreetly lobbying: he deserves to be congratulated.

Labour and LibDems have so far been quiet about the abuse. But the Dame also hears that Cllr Dent Coad (a person with hard won architectural expertise: (what architect qualifications has the Great Architect himself?), tells everyone who will listen that Moylan's York Stone fixation is bonkers, and a waste of money.

And to those of you harboring the romantic view that this is a good British product-sorry it is not: it comes from Eastern Europe! An expert tells us that its fixation is impractical,it attracts dirt, is prone to sliminess and is expensive to clean. In all a a waste of money, and ugly. And there have been many injuries caused by slipping on its slimy surface

The irony of all this wastage is that Clouseau know the chappie who thinks he can make a personal bob or two with his undeclared interest in and a few other unmentionables never had the gumption or guts to apply his procurement skills in containing the excesses of his vainglorious colleagues. 

Come on Healer; Heal Thyself - or  is it just too scary standing up to Moylan?


  1. The main problem is that it's diamond cut - against the grain - rather than riven - with the grain. Thus it is porous so dirt and gunk are absorbed, and can lead to the green algal growth we have seen that can make it slimy; it can get quite lethal under lime trees. Some footpaths are now paved with a pitted stone, which I am told is more expensive.

    There are plenty of Cllrs concerned with this issue so I really don't deserve any credit for discussing it.

    Cllr E Dent Coad

  2. The Dame speaks as she finds.

    If credit is due it shall be given.

  3. Are you still going on about the same old drivel? This story is three years old, we're bored of it now. We should trust the guidance of a highly experienced Cabinet Member over a self-appointed expert, especially this particular one.

  4. Welcome back. We've missed you.

    Just on your point one shouldn't assume because someone is in the cabinet is 1. Highly experienced or. 2. Any kind of expert in the role to which they are appointed.

    Cabinet members are appointed by the council leadership from the political members not necessarily chiefly on merit or expertise but that they will toe the line.

  5. The Cabinet Member concerned has an honorary fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects. They don't give those away with HappyMeals.

    Do you have nothing better to do with your time than question your superiors?

  6. as the Dame wisely pointed out 'Cllr Ahern has been discreetly lobbying: he deserves to be congratulated' so Driveller what are you spouting drivel about experience. The Dame was being polite about Ahern.
    Push off back to Thailand

  7. I think they key word in your last post my conceited and deluded friend is "honorary".

    Certainly when it comes to the give away toy in McDonalds child meals you do possess superior knowledge. Hornet bows to your obvious experience in that field.

  8. Moylan experienced? You must be 'avin
    a larf....
    The guy is just weird.

  9. RIBA give these baubles away to those who help push through their ghastly schemes.
    The idea of Moylan being 'superior' to anyone defies credibility.
    He is a vulgarian Irish Brum bus driver's son with immense social pretensions. No wonder Boodles sent him on his sorry way.


  10. oh and I forgot Julie 'the Brief Mills'-junior barrister and Shireen Ritchie- ex Grand Met typist and catwalk model.
    Al hugely experience business leaders.
    You 'ave got to be 'avin a larf....

  11. More puerile drivel, you are questioning some of our most senior and experienced Councillors, and yet you have stated you are a Conservative. How can you question those of such superior talent and discrimination? You are obviously nothing less than a Labour lackey.

  12. Personal attacks like that are clearly a show of desperation. You can hold an opinion and say it, you can even disagree with the thoughts and actions if others but what makes one a more rounded individual is to appreciate the differences.

    If as our provocative friend suggests anyone who disagrees with anyone must be an imbecile then thank heavens they have failed to get into a position of any real power (despite their desperate attempts otherwise).

    All is not lost however.

    Stop and think before you speak. Appreciate the input of others. Listen to it, encourage it, reason with it, dare I say it learn from it - if nothing else at least how to listen. Brush it aside or simply steam roller through it merely proves you are worse than what people already think of you.

  13. Oh and you are quite wrong.

    Hornet has only ever said she supports no political party.

    Is your name Richard Cranium by any chance?

  14. "you are questioning some of our most senior and experienced Councillors, and yet you have stated you are a Conservative."

    Come on Driveller...let the facts speak.
    None of those mentioned are the 'business leaders' you claim. Just 'run of the mill' local councillors who failed to get further in their chosen career.
    And I am a very successful business leader-and a Conservative voter. And no, none of these cllrs would have worked in any of my companies-just not good enough. Sorry old chap

  15. The Dame is in feisty form today.
    Driveller is getting kicked all around the room.
    Encore la Dame!!

  16. Its not the "same old drivel", 06.54

    Council tax is being wasted to replace a perfectly good pavement in Allen Street, W8. TODAY

    The Council continues to spend at the rate of £6 million per year on pavement renewal in Kensington. When will word get through to Horton Street that a recession is going on in Britain????


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