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Friday, 18 March 2011

Readers Write....

A reader has written to Dame Hornet- and you can too Dear Reader- pointing out a pat on the back is due to another councillor.

As ever the Dame is happy to oblige, so to our pantheon of local hero councillors,so far including Cllrs Lindsay, Husband and Campion.

Our gentle reader has seen a piece in the Standard about a fight to save that centre of excellence, the Child Heart Centre at the Royal Brompton Hospital, and she is right there with all the other sane people who seen the insanity of destroying this centre of miracles.

So if you are a resident who has had treatment at the Brompton and want to help the campaign to save, it why not send your comment to the Hornet. We need some reader participation to help save this great institution

Sometimes the Dame wonders whether the world has gone mad. The Council allows Cheesecake Eater Moylan tens of millions of pounds to waste on the unnecessary and irrelevant paving of Exhibition Rd, or the white elephant of a new and unwanted school in Holland Park,(now costing over £100 million) yet this marvellously effective Child Heart Centre run by teams of committed nurses, doctors and specialists is faced with closure because 'the money is not there'. But that is a lie. The money is there: it is just being wasted on schemes of far less consequence than children's lives.

So Cllr Borwick gets a big Hornet hug for championing this great cause. Good luck Cllr Borwick and well done. This is what she had to say...
"This unit has saved the lives of so many. Closing it defies all logic."

Read all about this disgraceful move here and make sure you let the Dame have your comments.

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