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Monday, 28 March 2011

Palmer-Gate - Update 2

The Dame promised to keep you up to speed on the very serious complaints made against Cllr Palmer.

The Initial Assessment Sub Committee is planning to meet on 13 April.

The Committee comprises:

Miss Sophia Lambert who did sterling job protecting the unlamented ex Cllr Phelps when Mr Donald Cameron made his complaint. So enthused was Cllr Phelps with Miss Lambert that all to see he gave a significant kiss on the cheek

The octogenarian and very daffy, Miss Jennifer Ware who, at the time of that Hearing concerning Phelps informed the Committee that she was a friend of  Mr Phelps but was told. 'That's OK: you don't need to absent yourself even though you are heavily conflicted'

So we have only Cllr Coleridge to rely upon to ensure the two ladies treat matters with the gravity deserved. Cllr Coleridge has good form: he was one of only two councillors who sided with residents against Danny Boy Moylan's hated plans for Sloane Square.

So Cllr Coleridge..... we look upon you for English Fair Play in dealing with this very serious complaint about lack of transparency and use of Council facilities for private business.


  1. Cllr Blakeman and Cllr Weale are also on this committee, but perhaps they will cancel each other out?

    I imagine they will all be somewhat 'conflicted', as he is generally disliked by Cllrs of all political persuasions (unlike the sinister Phelps). Anyway, they will have to stick by the rulebook on this one.

  2. The enjoyment you take in the possible censuring of the most hard-working Councillor in the borough shows an appalling lack of discrimination.

    Cllr Palmer is hugely admired by his electorate for his dedication; who else could have won £100,000 from the Mayor of London to upgrade Little Wormwood Scrubbs?

    If people would just look at his record they would see there is much to admire and aspire to.

  3. So if it is true that Palmer failed to update his declaration of interest, something that is mandatory on all councillors and if it is found he has used town hall facilities to promote his outside interests, you are saying this should be ignored because he is in your opinion a good local councillor?

    So the councillor code and town hall rules are really a menu system. You can pick and choose the ones to follow?

  4. Evidently the word 'discretion' is too long and its implications too confusing for the likes of Hornet and its readers. Councillors are allowed to use personal discretion and many do in their everyday work. You are twisting your reading of the rules to importune a highly respected public figure. Shame on you.

  5. From memory was it not Cllr Palmer who took time off from servicing his 'hugely admiring electorate' to write scurrilous and defamatory emails about the Dame-someone of absolute probity and integrity.
    The lesson to learn is NEVER poke a Hornet's Nest for fear of something misquote Belloc.
    And as the Dame rightly points out certain cllrs have become so detached from the real world that they forget rules are there to be obeyed. That is democracy works.
    Cllr Palmer has a reputation for bullying-a habit doubtless picked up from his hero Danny Boy Moylan.

  6. Two things need to be said, 1:45

    First, democratically elected people in public life need to be "whiter than white". In Britain the standards are very high

    Second, there has been a failure of Leadership in Kensington and Chelsea and Cllr Cockell has set the unfortunate tone of anything goes where personal indulgence is concerned. FOI probes discovered that he was travelling First Class to the United States, staying at Five Star hotels, and entertaini9ng "friends" to dinner at top restaurants on a Saturday night. Even though he "forgot" who he entertained, the Chief Executive approved his expenses. This the culture in Hornton Street and it is time for new leadership.

    I always laugh when I hear people say what a good egg Palmer is because he works hard. Great, but he should also behave himself and set an example by practising high standards and obeying the rules.

    Lord Black made £ millions for his shareholders in Hollinger. But he also thought that he was God and abused his position. When he took his wife on holiday to Fiji in the Corporate jet, he broke the rules and the Americans put him in jail

  7. I think we are missing a trick here.
    I would like to suggest that we over rich residents pay for all expenses for Cllr Moylan. It is uttrely wrong that he has to pay for his his utterly delicious 'pleasure dome'on the balmy beaches of Thailand. Let us show our gratitude and give him another £80k a year expenses to pay for his young servants....

  8. Lambert, Ware and Coleridge....

    So the Committee is loaded then

    "Consistency" is the hall mark of K&C standards

    Pass the sick bag, Palmer

  9. They will certainly need to remember that a senior national journalist with be keeping an eagle eye on their deliberations and the outcome.
    "If people would just look at his record they would see there is much to admire and aspire to."
    aspire to? Are you really foolish? 01.45..the guy is just a joke


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