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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Declaring skills is no brainer

Councillor 'Clouseau' Palmer-not content with being involved with some 'fruity' sites(yes, I know the link to Shagoholics has disappeared)is, as the Dame reported, involved in another intriguing little business trading under the name of It even boasts
a plaudit from Cllr 'Big Finance' Chief Light Foot.

This site is meant to be about training councillors into how to perform their duties. This in itself is a laudable of the basics of local authority integrity is declaring all your business interests so one would assume that all councillors would know it applied to them.

Sad to report Cllr Palmer seems to feel it does not apply to him-hence his omission to declare ownership of Council Skills. The Dame has been informed that a complaint has now been made to the Standards Committee and a Freedom of Information request put in demanding just how much business RBK&C has put the way of Council Skills.


  1. miss nothing but I am proud to show even you are fallible.
    On Conservative Home a David Mitchell
    claims to be a Director, yet Companies House has no record of CouncilSkills Ltd so how can Mitchell be a director? There is some funny bz going on....
    Time to come clean over this Mr Palmer

  2. This story is hard to believe. If it is true it is a classic case of insider trading.

    Cllr Palmer sets up a company to sell services to his employer and conceals his involvement. Of course he looks around, understands the needs of his employer, knows who to approach, and the terms and conditions from competitors bidding for the work.

    We might just as well be in Eastern Europe

    When Leadership crashes to the all time low that it has done in Hornton Street, this is the kind of thing that goes on. A rotten Borough. Endemic bad behaviour

    More evidence that it is time for Cllr Cockell to be moved on

  3. Beware! Poke a stick into a hornets nest and you will end up stung!


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