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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Palmer reported to Standards Board

The Dame is fortunate that Justin Downes agreed to keep readers posted abut the progress of his complaint to the Standards Committee. His complaint alleges Cllr Palmer

 - failed to register his ownership of
 - used Council facilities for the purposes of his business

Currently the Standards Committee is the only process residents 'own' giving some degree of exposure to misbehaving councillors. Readers will recall that Downes's complaint about ex Mayor Phelps led to his resignation- but that was at the behest of the Town Clerk-not Sir Cockle. Sir Cockle would clearly have wished to pardon Phelps-they being very good friends and political allies.

Doubtless that extreme sanction will not be applied to Palmer, however it will interesting to see what
happens when the Initial Assessment Sub Committee considers the complaint in April.

Will they recommend monitoring his future behaviour or training? The Training option would be ironic; after all is that not what the good councillor claims to provide through his company,

Our experience of the Standards Committee is that it is toothless and does the the bidding of Cockle and clique. In this case will they break ranks and deal with the matter as a serious breach of duty? As the Standards Committee is stuffed with Cockle mates the outcome is pretty certain.

However a word of warning....  a national newspaper has decided to follow the Rotten Borough's disciplinary process so attempts to circumvent Cockle's foolish and hollow claim that 'council business belongs in the open' will be seized upon by the mighty Third Estate. Committee members you have been warned...

Watch this space for more updates on progress.


  1. Is it the Daily Telegraph following this? I haerd Simon Heffer has been tipped the wink

  2. All Hornet will say is that it is a national newspaper. She never reveals her sources!

  3. More unsubstantiated drivel. What are your sources? Why don't you get a proper job?

  4. we all have 'proper jobs':we do this pro bono work for the love of democracy. How about you? What do you do besides grabbing hefty allowances for doing nothing but wasting our money.

  5. Anonymous 06.18
    Are you suggesting Cllr Palmer DID register his interest in and DID NOT use Town Hall facilities for the promotion of his business?
    If so why not substantiate your claim? Were you able to do so I would gladly withdraw my complaint. Unlike you I am happy to identify myself: are you happy to do so?
    Knowing the Hornet as I do I can vouch that he has a'proper job'and one with great responsibility in the City of London. How about you?
    What is your claim to fame?


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