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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cards marked for Cllr Lindsay

Norlands Councillor Lindsay popped up at the council meeting and dared to mention that our ex Hounslow and tennis pro Chief Executive or Town Clerks' salary is 30% higher than the Chief Executive to the Treasury who actually lives in the borough.

Oh dear doesnt bode well does it for the hapless Cllr Lindsay.

No matter, soon he will be called upon to do some work and Hornet is sure he will be rehabilitated back into the fold.

ex-Mayor Dalton couldnt contain it any longer and rose in majestic splendour, and then ranted at the dahling for even daring to think such a mean spirited thing, let alone actually stand up and say it. A majority party Councillor, with independent thought.... come on what \are you thinking dahling?

In fact, Hornet was quite surprised Dahling Dalton and the others were aware of what was going on around them, since almost all of the assembled gloat of councillors were far more interested in fiddling with Blackberrys, reading or typing email or text messages, leafing through papers or flicking over glossy pages of magazines.

In what is probably the most important, and certainly the most significant meeting of the year, its not unreasonable to expect the councillors we elect to attend mentally as well as physically. Even Cllr Moylan stopped using his gadgets for a few minutes...   ....before nipping out for about 30 minutes, perhaps for some cheesecake, a fag, or a drink - or all three.


  1. Councillor David Lindsay is one of the best councillors. Intelligent and courageous-and bloody right. What the hell is Cockell doing flying in the face of Pickles advice about CE's salary. We need more councillors with the courage of Lindsay.
    As for the pathetic and affected 'Dahling' Dalton.Does he not read Pickle's views. Or is he too occupied looking for flats to rent...

  2. If there were more councillors like Councillor Lindsay, Kensington and Chelsea would be a far better place. Unfortunately his colleagues just want their SRAs, and hear no evil, see no evil and keep taking the cash.

  3. Yes what exactly was Lofty doing on his laptop all evening?

  4. I heard this said of Lindsay..he stands up for all that is good and right and because of that gets treated badly by the bullyboys.

  5. Lindsay's time will come. He is one of the few councillors of principle who is prepared to say what he thinks is right and what is wrong. And he has a brain....

    So refreshing when bores like Dahling Dalton jump at every opportunity to yap at Cockell's bidding

  6. 'What was Lofty doing on his laptop all evening?'. Well, for a start his SCREENSAVER is an 'important-looking' graph. But actually he was on chat most of the time, when he wasn't trying to get Marshall into trouble by gossiping and making rude comments, silly boy.

  7. that not what Marshall says


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