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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mayor welcomes represenatives of oppressive Libyan Regime

Everybodys favourite, Cllr Husband gave glowing tributes to representatives of the oppressive Gaddafi regime at the council meeting in December.

As you can see from the above extract minutes, Cllr Husband seems to be wallowing in the same manner as Cllr Moylan does when he is on the receiving end of gratuitous hospitality of that other bastion of human rights respectors, Iran.

What makes a complete mockery of the above statement is that these representatives are laughably referred to as "public servants" as if anyone elected in that chamber would know how to be a servant of the public, let alone actually agree they are.

Secondly we see a leading academic at the LSE resign following the revelation they accepted a modest donation from a foundation controlled by Gaddaffi.

Now no one could blame The Mayor for heaping praise on representatives of a government that is today seen to be organising the mass execution of those who are defying the dictator, those green bottles in the Parlour drinks cabinet obviously are not crystal balls.

But when you read this minute, it just doesnt sit right knowing now what is happening in Libya, brought home by the simple statement of that 16 year old boy.


  1. someone needed to tell Husband that even back in December welcoming representatives from a pariah state was offensive to residents of the Borough. But then he doubtless thought it safe to emulate Cllr Moylan who takes hospitality from the evil Iranian regime; after all Moylan thinks it quite acceptable to buy granite mined by Chinese political prisoners in the most terrible of conditions. And this is a Conservative council...

  2. The machine in Hornton Street should be getting on with clearing the dustbins and sweeping the parks

    Instead we have a bunch of puffed up councillors entertaining foreign diplomats and consorting with dubious persons, all at the tax payers expense. And feeling important about it.....

    Another failure of Cockell's leadership who time and again fails to set an appropriate tone for the organisation

  3. No wish to correct the Dame, but I hear the Libyans made a point of coming down to meet the Labour Cllrs and state how much they agreed with them, so whatever else they may be, they were not supporters of dictatorship.

  4. "Libyans made a point of coming down to meet the Labour Cllrs and state how much they agreed with them, so whatever else they may be, they were not supporters of dictatorship."
    I doubt that we should take the word of these Gaddaffi sponsored visitors...they would say that wouldn't they?


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