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Friday, 11 March 2011

Inspector Clouseau

RBKC's very own Inspector Clouseau (with apologies to the late great Peter Sellars) would do better spending time trying to explain why as stated in his declaration of interests being attached to him gives advice of illicit marital affairs, chinese dating, and hairloss. The only thing that is missing is penile disfunction.

Either Clouseau's website interests has been hacked (perish the thought), he is aware of the dubious contents, or his declaration of interests is woefully out of date.

Which is it to be?


  1. I find it very strange that Cllr Palmer-a man who professes to be a Christian- can be involved in a website which has content which encourages extra marital affairs and casual sexual encounters.
    He has a thick skin boasting on his Members Declaration that he has an interest in this dubious site

  2. it's revolting and has nothing to do with pregnancy

  3. I imagine he would know what's on the website and sees nothing wrong with it. After all, he is 'not a fan of political correctness' as he told the Council in January.

  4. it's rare to get the Dame on a backfoot but if she checked she would have known that Clouseau Palmer must still have an interest in his vile site for it still appears on his Members Declaration of Interests as at 1/2/2011
    His site,suggests that customers 'have a married affair'!
    As his very good friend, X cllr Phelps
    would say, 'you really could not make it up'.

  5. What on earth is a serving councillor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (one councillor Palmer) doing as a major shareholder of a soft porn (and in parts not so soft porn) website?

    This is not appropriate at all. Another failure of Leadership in Hornton street to weed out this filth.

    It is also difficult to find out exactly what Cllr Palmer does with his time other than making himself a busy body in Honton Street. How does he make a living? We should be told

  6. Oh no, the coexistence on Palmer's website of 'successful pregnancy' and 'extra marital affairs' has got in my head and just won't go away.

    Make it stop!

  7. I am a very elderly person living in the Borough. I went with great trepidation to Cllr Palmer website, successfulpregnancy and have to say that it appears innocent. But then I went to some of the other parts of the site. Now I ma not a prude but it is shocking that a supposedly respected member of the Community can be involved in such a site is beyond belief. I am going to write Sir Merrick Cockell, our Leader suggesting that Cllr Palmer be given a good talking to.
    Shocked Conservative Voter

  8. A quick check on the (public) WHOIS database confirms that Cllr. Palmer still owns it:


    Updated: 394 days ago

    created: 10-Sep-2003
    last-changed: 11-Sep-2009
    registration-expiration: 10-Sep-2010



    registrant-firstname: Matthew
    registrant-lastname: Palmer
    registrant-street1: 52 Dalgarno Gardens
    registrant-pcode: W10 6AB
    registrant-city: London
    registrant-ccode: GB
    registrant-phone: +44.2074603911

    admin-c-firstname: Matthew
    admin-c-lastname: Palmer
    admin-c-street1: 52 Dalgarno Gardens
    admin-c-pcode: W10 6AB
    admin-c-city: London
    admin-c-ccode: GB
    admin-c-phone: +44.2074603911

    tech-c-firstname: Hostmaster
    tech-c-lastname: ONEANDONE
    tech-c-organization: 1&1 Internet Ltd.
    tech-c-street1: 10-14 Bath Road
    tech-c-street2: Aquasulis House
    tech-c-pcode: SL1 3SA
    tech-c-state: BRK
    tech-c-city: Slough
    tech-c-ccode: GB
    tech-c-phone: +44.8716412121
    tech-c-fax: +49.72191374215

    bill-c-firstname: Hostmaster
    bill-c-lastname: ONEANDONE
    bill-c-organization: 1&1 Internet Ltd.
    bill-c-street1: 10-14 Bath Road
    bill-c-street2: Aquasulis House
    bill-c-pcode: SL1 3SA
    bill-c-state: BRK
    bill-c-city: Slough
    bill-c-ccode: GB
    bill-c-phone: +44.8716412121
    bill-c-fax: +49.72191374215

    Information Updated: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 16:41:20 UTC

  9. This is monstrous - Palmer is not fit to be a public representative in a democratic system

    Swift action is called for from Leader Cockell and Chief Executive Myers

    No doubt the Labour Group on the Council (and maybe the Liberals if they feel it is time to get noticed) will ensure that the backbenches in Hornton Street are cleaned up

  10. well Cllr Palmer?

  11. Is this how he makes his money then? This sleazy website? Frankly it disgusts me. How can he reconcile being a public figure with the source of his income. Yuck.


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