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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Holding Back Reserves.... Hold on....

Over the last few weeks Hornet has brought you news on how the council intends to cut services, whether thats by reducing funding or removing it completely from a variety of community groups and service providers across the borough.

You already know there is over £170 million cash held in reserves by this council, and still it proceeds to cut funding to the community.

We are in difficult times economically.
No one has been unaffected by these conditions.
Thankfully this council is well placed to negotiate itself through difficult times.
We can do this because we have always used our money wisely.
And by doing so we have ensured we have enough in reserve for precisely this sort of eventuality.
I can remember recently answering criticisms about the level of our reserves.
But it is these reserves that will go someway to securing our services when many around us will be struggling.

Councillor Merrick Cockell August 2009

So in 2009, with a Labour government at the helm and faced with the economic conditions at the time not too dissimilar than now, it didnt matter because despite what that nasty Mr Brown and co could unleash on the borough, Sir Cockle and his friends had stashed away enough cash to be the knight in shining armour.

Fast forward to 2011, with over £170million still in the pot, instead of dipping into it to alleviate some of the funding shortages the budgets are being cut and part of your council tax is going to actually be paid into the reserves!

What a difference a change in government makes. 

You can listen to the drivel here


  1. So why is it the budgets are being cut if there is so much money held in reserve? What is it there for if not to make up the difference at times like this?

  2. I agree with you Anon.

    Thing is, in 2009 the reserves where there to cushion the impact of the Labour recession.

    In 2011, the reserves are not being used to cushion the effects of the same recession, under a Tory Government.

    Ask your councillor, if he or she is a Tory why!

  3. Cockle is deluded-as usual.
    RBKB has been overtaxing us for years:that is why there is this so much of our money looted by the Council.
    It gains a derisory amount in interest and should be redeployed NOW

  4. The reserves could fund a two year Council Tax holiday.

    If more prudence and less overtaxing was employed by K&C, then we would not be spending absurd amounts on vanity projects and indulgence projects so favoured by the bus driver's son (Design boyo,Deputy Moylan)

    Dr Gordon Taylor has discovered from FOI probes that Moylan spent £200,000 of tax payers money on stainless steel shrouds for lamp posts in Kensington High Street on purely aesthetic grounds. Not an ounce of value engineering was carried out.

    He spent another £15,000 to replace the cast iron guard rail at the junction of Church Street and the High Street with stainless steel.

    What on earth are these councillors smoking??


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