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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

eMail Account

It would appear dear reader that Hornet has had her email hacked, and therefore no emails sent into the usual email address will be read. Hornet isnt sure of the source of this just yet, but is looking closely.

Until such time Hornet can be sure how this happened, please only comment via the posting on this site as no emails will be read.


  1. Not wishing to teach Ms. Hornet to suck eggs, but I would suggest:

    Securing the email account by resetting/changing the password immediately. If this is impossible report the incident to your email provider ASAP.

    If you can reset/change it, use a nice strong password: a phrase rather than a word, with a good mix of lower and uppercase letters, numbers and odd bits of punctuation thrown in for good measure. It is usually safer to use a nice, long, obscure (i.e. strong) password you have written down somewhere than a simple password you can remember (and which someone might guess).

    Check the email account settings throughly to make sure incoming email is not being forwarded anywhere.

    Report the incident to your email provider in any case. Unauthorized access of an email account is an offence and large providers often have processes in place to deal with such things.

    If you have the time/inclination, it may be worthwhile trying to figure out exactly what may have happened. Could the password have been guessed? Did someone subvert the password reset process on the account? Or did someone "capture" the password in some way?

    Given the nature of the site I would also suggest following "safe" working practices, for example: deleting all email you receive once actioned, not using any "address book" facility on the account.

  2. Unfortunately it would seem Hornets email had been accessed some time ago, and only a cursory glance at spam and deleted mail alerted her to this. If anyone has received any mail from Hornet in the last few weeks that is strange, please post a comment (that shall not be published) and I will arrange for you to forward it securely and anonymously. Until the matter is fully investigated Hornet will not be making any further comment.

  3. me

    When you are fighting against practices then you expose to those who would wish to silence you.
    You must continue the fight and not allow those skulking in the alleys to frighten you.
    Hurrah for Dame Hornet...may she defeat the enemies of democracy

  4. How pathetic and criminal can you get.
    I hope that the culprit gets caught and prosecuted. It is a very serious offence

  5. C'mon Dame Hornet, don't buzz off, where is your sting?


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