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Sunday, 27 March 2011

"The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would hire them away."

The Driveller tells us that he and colleagues are 'business leaders of many years experience'.

The Dame never allows a challenge to pass by so she took a look at the credentials of these 'business leaders'. She focused on some of our senior cllrs whom presumably he was referring to. Here goes...

First up is none other than Sir Cockle. Sir C's business experience is not worth a row of fags his two-man band company operated from deep below the Party offices in Manor Street. One would have thought that flogging fags to Africans was a no brainer. But you would be wrong-it was a failure and his site seems to have been hijacked by the Chinese.

Next up is the very charming and well dressed Baronessa Ritchie. Her Business Leader experience? Well all we could find out was that she once worked for Grand Met-in the typing pool.

So what about the Cheesecake Eater? Apart from his training company ran with Big Finance Chief Light Foot he is has a a couple of non exec directorships with some property investment trusts. Sadly their value declined by some 90% over the last couple of years...not so clever.

And what about Nick Paget-Brown? Nick is a nice guy but would be first to admit he is no business leader and has been full time on the council for years. Although he is editor of an environmental rag it seems.

Finally, what about wild haired Julie Mills? A definite no: her only experience is as a junior barrister.

Well what about that business giant Clouseau Palmer? Sad to say Sugar was hardly sweet on Palmer describing him in the most derogatory of terms and laying into his business model.

So there you go.


  1. is the Driveller Closeau or Cheesecake Eater?

  2. You say that Sir Cockle's site is now being run by the Chines. I hope these are not the self same Chinese who sold all that expensive and gaudy pink granite to Cllr 'Cheesecake eater' Moylan.....

  3. The Cheesecake Eater is a most insecure person and spends huge amounts of time reading anything that might affect him.

    He long since learned that that he gets hammered on blogs when he blusters in his own name. He tried two years ago on Conservative Home and was ridiculed all the way to Hornton Street. The problem with blogs for twerps like our Brummie boy is that you lose control, cannot bully, and readers can answer back.

    So Cheesecake now prods in secrecy.....


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