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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New Poll

Do you agree the council should underwrite the cost of a CrossRail station in the borough, to the tune of £33 million?


  1. Lets see where this vote goes.

    I hear that Cockell has "let it be known" to Conservative councillors that they might like to vote "yes". Thats a possible 42 votes then.

    Labour councillors of course will vote "yes" because they love the idea of rich people in central Kensington subsidising the poor in the North of Kensington (a rate rebate area). Thats another five votes

    The Liberals are so micro focused that they are brain dead so far as the big picture is concerned.

    This is the kind of pork barrel politics that develops when Leaders like Cockell fail to follow proper process and encourage the political system to degenerate into a tin pot dictatorship

    Will the Tory councillors obey Pooter's "nudge"? He has no way of knowing - so you are safe, boys and girls

  2. Before you vote, remember that intended users of the Kensal Rise station are expected to come from three Boroughs (Westminster North, Brent South and North Kensington).

    Cockell decided that K&C ratepayers will pay for the whole thing. The others get a free ride and Cockell gets his vanity project

    Something wrong here?


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