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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cllr Palmer photographs striking RBKC Council Staff

 left: Cllr Palmer who recently oversaw the loss of  a million pounds of taxpayers' money at Chelsea Care and Cllr Lightfoot's leadership bid campaign manager....

That embarrassing and unemployable buffoon Cllr Palmer was secretly photographed photographing RBKC workers manning a picket line. Now the Dame is ambivalent about the strike, but she is not ambivalent about a senior councillor and member of various powerful Scrutiny Committees engaged in activity which looks like harassment. At worst, it is redolent of tactics used by despotic Middle Eastern regimes.
Make up your own mind. The Dame holds strong Conservative views but she is revolted by this sort of behaviour: behaviour that brings our Council into disrepute. Before the corrupt Standards Committee is finally wound up one hopes his behaviour would become subject to a complaint. 
It would seems his last 'training' session conducted by Miss Parker taught him nothing. What a clown!

left: the hardworking cllr on a photo shoot.....

One reader has asked how to complain. The grounds are simple. Palmer has bought the Council into even more disrepute. Anyone wanting to make a formal complaint should follow the link Complaint about Palmer . It is a public duty to do so.....


  1. Yes Dame, I think you're right, this is against the rules. What a thoroughly nasty piece of work the man is!

    Who would have to report him? And to whom?

  2. And what does palm off think he will do with these photographs, possibly harass an employee? Utterly disgraceful. Any way of identifying who he was photographing or was he imitating a pap? Has he no work to do for his constituents?

  3. Cllr Judith Blakeman2 December 2011 at 08:54

    I did offer Cllr. Palmer copies of the photographs of the picket line and rally taken by the union's official photographer - but somehow he seemed not to wish to talk to me about what he had been doing.

  4. This is surely not Councillor Palmer but Inspector Clouseau engaged in an important surveillance activity on behalf of his master, Lord Pooter. I think Lord Pooter will be very angry now that the Inspector's cover has been blown.

  5. Why would he be angry, Arachne? His Lordship (the Gordon Brown of K&C) always likes to have a snitch on the payroll. Palmer is the natural successor to Snitcher Phelps. Like Phelps he has no job to get in the way of this vital work for his master.

  6. Looks like he was pointing the camera straight at me! I was having a crafty fag at the time so maybe he is trying to catch people infringing the "no smoking on the forecourt" policy

  7. What a dickhead

  8. he looks as if he has been drinking...
    Does he have a problem with alcohol?

  9. Palmer clearly has too much time on his hands. Who does he think he is?

    Surely someone should be making a complaint to the Police as this must amount to harassment.

    Now we all know the oaf is unemployable, but as a councillor Palmer is, heaven forbid, an "employer" of Town Hall workers.

    Therefore if any of those on strike find themselves at any point in the future subject to disciplinary procedures and Palmer has some input on the decision, they could quite rightly claim he is unduly biased.

    Not only disciplinary, but if any go through redundancy process , or apply for promotion or a side ways move to another role. If they dont get the result they want they could claim Palmer influenced the decision because of his actions on Wednesday.

    The tri-borough merger will result in hundreds of staff, possibly even thousands having changes to their employment so its very likely many could be affected.

    The imbecile that he is will simply think declaring an interest and "not voting or speaking" will be enough.

    But the buffoon should never put himself in this position in the first place.

    In the corporate world Palmer would get the boot for bringing the company into disrepute. But thats something he will never have to worry about because no one would want him anyway.

  10. He has also been going around asking stupid questions about union facility time

  11. 10.19, not sure about alcohol, but he is allegedly addicted to McDonalds. Yes, really!

    If any more proof were needed that a poor diet can turn you into an imbecile ...

  12. It is very sad that the Conservative Party in K&C selects candidates like Palmer to be representatives of residents in the Borough

    This councillor has a reputation for sneeking, spying,and prying. An odious peeping Tom

    What a thoroughly horrible and worthless person

  13. Photos of strikers!

    Typical of Cllr Palmer. The original Toad

    All part of the House that Cockell built

  14. Staff in the Town Hall have learnt to watch their backs where Cllr Palmer is concerned

  15. If this councillor had more brains he would be a moron

  16. Is this the person known as 'Phone Call Palmer'?

  17. 'Phone call Palmer' indeed! He's often seen sneaking around trying to catch people breaking the rules, and this from the worst offender.

    One day he will be hoist by his own petard; and not a day too soon.

  18. What does it say about 'Lord' Cockell that he uses people like Palmer to do his dirty work. No doubt it was 'Lord' Cockell's idea to send 'Councillor' Palmer on his pathetic little mission.

  19. Has he no work to do for the residents of St Charles? It shows the contempt that Cockell and his mob have the staff of the town hall and no doubt local residents. This man seems to spend most of his time wandering the corridors of the town hall, rather the streets of his constituency. In fact this town hall is fast becoming more like a Disney movie, Robin Hood and his merry men, with Palmer as 'hiss' the snake!

  20. It is intolerable that an elected representative intimidates Town Hall staff in this manner. Staff who work so hard on behalf of residents.

    It should not be tolerated.

  21. Cllr Palmer, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not cricket, old boy.

  22. Kensington Resident3 December 2011 at 13:05

    Now everyone knows what a nasty piece of work Cllr Palmer is. His fellow councillors should have nothing to do with him

    And as Cllr Cockell's chief gofor we have an insight into what a rodent the Leader is.

  23. Follower of Phelps3 December 2011 at 16:33

    After many years of breeding cats I have found that every litter has a bad one. Long ago we decided that the best solution was to put the bad one down. Usually by drowning.

    I am not suggesting drowning for Cllr Palmer. But he should definatelty be put down.

  24. Hung, drawn and quartered?

  25. Another One Who Knows3 December 2011 at 17:21

    Cllr Palmer's latest attempt to interfere in the process of industrial relations at the Town Hall proves what is already known about him. He is unemployed, unemployable and has never had a proper job in his life, so he just does not understand how things operate in the world of work.

  26. We are not amused

  27. Well 'Up Yours', or Cllr Palmer as we know him, this isn't supposed to be amusing.

    Time to leave with dignity, before you are evicted with dishonour.

  28. I think its perfectly legitimate for the strikers to be photographed. In case there are any infringements onto council property, littering offences or damage to any council property. Or maybe to cross reference sickness records on the day.

    If you have done nothing wrong why would you complain?

  29. Roundell

    The action of harassing the Council workers conducting lawful industrial action might well be criminal. Reading Council workers personal records is almost certainly another criminal offence. That is why people are complaining. Perhaps you would like to tell your friend Councillor Palmer.

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