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Monday, 26 December 2011

Baronessa-Make Up Your Mind!

In a gruesomely embarrassing  piece in the Daily Mail in 2007 La Baronessa  Ritchie said,


"Your love life certainly doesn't come to an end when you are in your sixties - far from it!!
"John and I can fill the house with candles, close the curtains and dance around the house on our own, without worrying about children being around.

Well, I am sure we are all fascinated by La Baronessa's highly erotic sex life, but it got the Dame thinking..the Mail into'd the article as....

SHIREEN RITCHIE, 60, has been married to John Ritchie, 73, Madonna's father-in-law, for 23 years.
So in 2007 she claimed to be 60 meaning she was born in 1946/47. Yet in her entry in The Peerage she gives a different age...
Shireen Olive Folkard, Baroness Ritchie of Brompton was born in 1949.1  

We now have an interesting comment
Anonymous said...
In fact Shireen Folkard was born in 1939.

So, according to Anonymous  La Baronessa is not the being a model of veracity in relation to her age.

Now one could say a lady has a right to lie about here age: perhaps....BUT not... if you are a councillor. As a councillor you have no business in denying the truth; especially when taxpayers are now paying La Baronessa £120,000 a year- plus her RBKC pension.
We are entitled to know exactly how old this very greedy and most ineffectual councillor is ....the 61 she claimed in the Daily Mail, the 65 she states in The Peerage or the 72 that Anonymous states?

Shireen Folkard
* 1939
John Vivian Ritchie * 1928

English Version


  1. In fact Shireen Folkard was born in 1939.

  2. Any casual eye over suggests that Shri is in her 70's.

    Look at her hands. It is always a dead certainty. No way that she is 63 years old.

    73 maybe

  3. Vanity. Pure vanity.

    What a dreadful example to all the students and school children that Cllr Ritchie is responsible for in Kensington and Chelsea.

    Promoted by Cllr Cockell - of course

  4. Cllr Ritchie should produce her birth certificate immediately and put paid to this wicked travesty by the Hornet

  5. Par for the course.

    Demonstrates (again) the value system that Cllr Cockell's leadership has established in Kensington Town Hall.

    Time for change

  6. Coutfield Resident27 December 2011 at 08:55

    Does anyone know how old Cllr Holt is?

  7. Cllr Holt is 95

  8. Not the only strange feature of Ritchie's biography. For years she told people that he father was a professor of Sanskrit. Now in her biography he has become a Commander. In fact if I am not mistaken he had a distinguished career in the RAFVR as a Squadron Leader, being shot down over Crete and ending up in Stalag. Why has he been moved to the Navy? I suspect that Ritchie fails to live in the real world about anything.

  9. The Daily Mail article was typical trash from an over promoted typist seeking notoriety.

    But there are mugs everywhere. Pooter fell for it (he is a Mail reader) and took her on board - giving her money and status beyond her dreams.

  10. In the Mail Cllr Ritchie is "speaking to her subject". Dancing behind curtains is where her competence lies.

  11. Coutfield Resident27 December 2011 at 14:41

    Cllr Holt is a very spry 95 year old. Courtfield has supported him well

  12. Did the Baroness produce her birth certificate for the Dame to ponder?

  13. The Lib Dems breathed a sigh of relief when Shireen Ritchie jumped ship and joined the Conservative Party

  14. A died in the wool Cross Bencher.......

  15. ......and I mean died (not dyed)

  16. Too much Boxing Day wit

    Cllr The Baroness Ritchie is a person that we are proud of. A dignified presence

  17. The "plain" lady Cllrs in Hornton Street are enjoying this blog.....

  18. Cllr Holt is not amused. She knows that her friends know that she is not 95 years old

  19. Up Yours...cavorting behind closed curtains maybe your idea of being 'dignified' but to us gentry(we know you are a Moylanesque upper working class social climber)it is suburban and a mite vulgar.

  20. Poor Up Yours. Small brain, large mouth.

  21. Whilst not a particular fan of any of beings in the town hall. I am saddened that the Dame has allowed the up to now great work that this blog has done be tarnished by this article. I do not like personal attacks as it simply lowers the tone of the work you and contributors have done. It distracts from the issues we should be highlighting for local people.

    I personally don't care how young or old any of them are I want to know what they do and what they are not doing.

    We must not resort to News of the World Standards and anyone who has anything to do with papers will understand they will take what you say out of context and simply print it. Please Dame don't join that club.

  22. 17.21
    I accept that personal attacks are never pleasant, however in this instance it was not so much an attack but an attempt to find out why Cllr Ritchie was being untruthful about something so innocuous. WE have a right to know the details of someone we elect to represent. More so because this particular councillor has been critiqued by fellow councillors and officers for not being up to the job. The biggest issue is the huge Special Responsibility Allowance she is taking when she is clearly not doing the job. As soon as she got her peerage she should have stepped down. Yours is a valid point of view but it does not excuse Ritchie from the imputation of excessive greed. On a different note the Dame thanks you for your compliments.

  23. I have a great deal of sympathy with 17:21, particularly having regard to the measured and intelligent terms that he or she uses to make the point. It is also particularly unfortunate that all this should break out at a time when Councillor Ritchie is clearly unwell. But to be fair, Councillor Ritchie has always embroidered what she has said about herself, and that is not right in someone holding public office. Voters and residents deserve to be told the truth, whether it is age or previous employment. In neither case has this has happened and the Hornet is right to expose this.

  24. Cllr Ritchie claimed she was a journalist on the Daily Telegraph. I checked with one of the senior staff: it is a blatant untruth

  25. So she was not born in 1949 but in 1939....
    Her father was a Squadron Leader-not the RN Commander she claimed....and she never worked as a journalist on the Daily Telegraph as she claimed.

    Will the REAL Ritchie step forward please

  26. So many twists and turns. So many stories.

    Why was this person rewarded with a place in the House of Lords? What for?

    Cllr Lady Porky Ritchie should be cast aside.

  27. Dreadful. Just dreadful.

    But what can one expect from an ex typing pool person?


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